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 Mission: Village Duty

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Isamu Yoshira

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PostSubject: Mission: Village Duty   Thu Aug 19, 2010 7:43 pm

Isamu was walking down the streets of Suna, looking around him to see if something was wrong. Every street was empty, with no sign of anyone walking around. He had took off his black ribbon, enjoying the fact that he was alone, able to see. After a couple of minutes, he felt about 7 different chakras behind a tall fence, and heard some voices coming from somewhere there. He looked through a crack and saw some people bullying two little children. He immediately jumped over the fence and told those people:

"What do you think you're doing? Stop it already!"

Then two of them answered:
"Said who?" "It's non of your busyness! Get away from here!"

Isamu was already angry, but didn't do anything hasty. They seemed to be drunk, but three of them were wearing forehead protectors. That was what he was worried about. He told them one more time to stop, but they didn't listen to him.

"Suiton: Suiben (=Water Style: Water Whip)" he shouted.
He used both of his hands, and bound the two shinobi. He then dragged one to his place and kicked him. Then dragged the other one and punched him in the face. The two of them, even as shinobi, were too drunk to react. They stood up and attacked him both with a kunai. Ηe dodged and jumped on the building behind him. He used Suiton: Haran Banshō(Water Style: Stormy Blockade) and water came down from the roof, crushing down on them. He went down, and the others attacked him. He created two water clones out of the water that fell down to take the children away and then took care of them. While he was fighting them, one of the two shinobi tried to stabb Isamu's leg with a kunai, but fortunately Isamu was aware of him trying to attack him, and trampled his arm. Isamu kicked his face and then punched the man behind him at his belly. The man fell unconcious.

Isamu was feeling one more chakra, but he couldn't see anyone. He had to be a ninja hiding. Isamu shouted:

"Where are you? Show your self."

He suddenly felt someone behind him. Isamu bent quickly to dodge an incoming attack and blocked the next one with his kunai.

"You're not fast enough." heard Isamu from behind; and while he was turning back, the ninja punched him at his belly. Isamu blocked the next punch with his hand and asked him:
"Who are you?" And the enemy answerd: "I'm the one that's gonna kill you"
Isamu went back and used Fūton: Rasen no kaze bōru(Wind Style: Spiraling Wind Ball). He got him, but it was a Shadow Clone. The enemy was on the building and used: Katon Goukakyuu No Jutsu(Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu). Isamu dodged by jumping high and used: Wind Style: Whirlwind Fist (Fūton: Senpūken) blowing the enemy away. The enemy fell unconcious and Isamu bound him.

Isamu got the two children home and continued his mission until the dawn. The next morning he reported at the Kazekage. He also brought at him the three drunk shinobi.

[It's the first time i'm RPing, so please be indulgent (:]

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Null Abarada

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PostSubject: Re: Mission: Village Duty   Thu Aug 19, 2010 8:06 pm

Minimal Word Requirement: 350 Words

Word's Provided In This Topic: 535

Mission Complete.

Reward: 25 Points
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Mission: Village Duty
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