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 Meshiton Element

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PostSubject: Meshiton Element   Sat Aug 21, 2010 6:52 pm

Clan Name:

History//Legend of the Clan:

This clan was founded in the times when the first ninjas existed. The clan was founded by two ninja who were chefs before they became ninjas a loved to cook. One going by the name of masaru and the other by the name of renji. The two wanted to find a way to add food into their fighting style both of them having above average chakra pools and mainly using ninjutsu decided to create techniques that allowed them to summon and create jutsu out of food. The two were ridiculed as they were not very skilled with this ability but they continued to pass it onto their children and their children did the same the ability and the chakra pool increases with each generation. At this point the clan is very powerful most of the ninjas being spread throughout the world trying to feed the hungry with their abilities some instead fighting for power and proving this clan is not just a joke.

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:

The Meshiton or food release is very unique to this clan as it allows them to manipulate food and drinks at their will. This element is a mixture of suiton and doton or suiton and katon as the history states both of the ninja with the two elements were able to use the element the suiton however being mandatory to allow manipulation of the non water liquids. Meshiton is an ability exclusive to people who use ninjutsu most of the attacks being minor summoning jutsu or ninjutsu techniques.

Large Chakra Pools
Being that this clan uses mostly ninjutsu to make sure they are able to use their blood line to the fullest the newer clan members are born with much larger chakra pools then normal. Each rank does now however have the same amount of extra chakra the ninja gaining more and more chakra as they grow older and their rank increases.

D-ranked= 0% increase
C-ranked= 25% increase
B-ranked= 50% increase
A-ranked= 75% increase
S-ranked= 100% increase

Clan Information:

- Clan Training :: Members of this clan practice by repeatedly using their ninjutsu techniques and preforming handsigns over and over to increase their speed.

- Population :: High population but the actually number is unknown as all the ninja in this clan are spread all over the planet.

- Nature//Values :: The clan loves to share their food with anyone who asks for it trying to give their food to the poor whenever possible. The clan believes that all people are allies and prefers to be friendly to all that they interact with. However since the world is at war the clan members prefer to keep to them selves to interact with others in a very reserved way as no one but their own can be trust.

- Clan Symbol ::

Additional Information:

- Clan Founder :: Masaru and Renji

- Relationship :: The clan is neutral having no enemies or allies at this point.

- Clan Political Structure :: N/A

- Important Members :: Masaru and Renji


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Meshiton Element
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