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 Reign of the Olympians

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PostSubject: Reign of the Olympians   Thu Aug 26, 2010 1:06 pm

Reign Of The Olympians
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After the fall of the Titans, the Olympians have ruled the world for the centuries, co-existing with us mortals. We mortals, in the past, had made the statues and monuments for the gods, knowing fully well of their existence. However, by the early 1900s, we no longer believed in those 'myths'. But by the 80s, a few of Kronos' pieces mended together, giving him the ability to think. Although, the gods didn't seem to react, yet along notice that Kronos was slowly rising from the pits of Tartarus.

A few years passed and all the minor gods met together for the second time in centuries to discuss about their problems with the Olympians. Tired of being treated unequally, and with few rights, the minor gods planned to overthrow the Olympians. Dionysus secretly stole the golden fleece and used its power to strengthen some of the powerless immortals. Such as Luna and Nyx, whose powers were taken by Zeus. The fleece was able to restore 40% of their original powers, allowing them to help in the war. Some of the minor gods disagreed with the war, and either sided with the Olympians or remained neutral. They planned to launch their attack on Olympus on the day of the winter solstice.

Sometime after this event occurred, the Olympians received word that some of the Titans were slowly beggining to rise, and began to take action. They would constantly patrol the jails where the other Titans were kept, and would sometimes send demigods on quests that would somehow help them turn the tides whenever they could, such as searching for other demigods. The Olympians then recieved a rumor concerning the minor gods plotting to overthrow Olympus. They knew many preparations must be made before the winter solstice of 2011.

As a second war draws near, both sides are calling for recruits. It is your destiny to choose which side you wish to fight for, and its your choice that will either save the gods, or raze them.
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Reign of the Olympians
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