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 A ranked Mission in the land of Snow

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PostSubject: A ranked Mission in the land of Snow   Thu Aug 26, 2010 3:02 pm

Is walking about the village when a messenger appears before him with a scroll. Zen stops in his tracks seeing the strange shinobi appear from nowhere but he no doubt recognized what he meant. He leaned against with the wall with a heavy sigh.

Oh come on! An "A rank" mission?! Now?!

Zen had just returned from a mission and was annoyed that he couldn't enjoy his down time. The messenger said nothing. All he did was reveal the side of the scroll and a secret but familiar kanji symbol on it. He takes the scroll and opens it up.

I see. So she's the target eh? Understood. Also, i'm supposed to go there as well? Understood.

The messenger nods in acknowledgement and vanishes with kanji sign. Zen cracks his neck and returns to his dwelling in the dead of night. He rolls out one drawer after another collecting things he'd need in his jouney. Once he was all set he made way for the village gate. After exiting he looked back one last time as he made it to the forest entrance outside konoha. He reached in his bag and took out a white mask with black markings on it giving it the appearance of a wolf. He puts the mask in a bag and leaves the village

(Exit Village)

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A ranked Mission in the land of Snow
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