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 A Mission; Complete

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Inus Resiege

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PostSubject: A Mission; Complete   Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:01 pm

Inus strode into the hallway at the top of the Raikage's tower, where he would find the office of the Raikage himself. He'd just returned from burning a nasty field of diseased crops, and was expecting compensation for the task. As he wandered through the weaving halls, he passed by several shinobi and guards, each going in both directions, occasionally almost running into Inus. He sighed as he reached the level on which the Office stood, stopping at the door. He brought his fist up, rapping on the door three times, and producing a loud, hollow, knocking sound each time.

"Inus Resiege, here about a mission I completed." He said, rather loudly, so that the Raikage would be able to hear him.
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A Mission; Complete
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