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 Kidate Gyouan

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PostSubject: Kidate Gyouan   Tue Aug 31, 2010 4:59 pm

Basic Info

Name: Kidate Gyouan


Age: 15

Gender: Male

Important Family Members:

Personality: Kidate is a warm person. He is loyal to his village, cares for all of its members, and hates the thought of any of them being harmed. He is also logical, however, and he knows how to control his feelings and opinions while doing his job. He is generous, loyal, and peaceful. He is never one to start a fight, but he will finish it if he has to. Kidate is friendly, but only to those that are allied to him. He is very promiscuous. Kidate is open and bold about his intentions with both woman and men, since he has taken a liking to both. Kidate prefers fighting with ninjutsu and traps. Ever lazy and never serious, the man spends most of his time in fights fucking around. He complains about having to use even a small extent of his full power, and often catches his opponents off guard when he switches into a serious mode of battle. Because of the animalistic instincts that come with his natural deviations from normal humans, he is a bit jumpy and tends to find himself purring when he is happy or hissing softly to himself when upset. His first instinct is to lash out quickly, and then dart to a safe distance before preparing to strike again, and in most cases this is exactly what he does. He lies in wait, strikes out at his opponent, makes some distance, and prepares his next attack.

He has no real goals, dreams, or destination. Kidate is all about the journey, not the destination, to the point where he refuses to even have one. He's a wandering soul, looking for a reason to exist and failing to find one. Still, he refuses to give up, he pushes on in life, taking down anyone who stands in his way, to try and find out why he's there, why he fights, why he should continue to live and fight, and why it's taking him so long to figure it out. Kidate has no known rivals or enemies, he doesn't care enough about individual people to have such a thing, but consequently he also doesn't have much by way of friends. He feels they tie him down, something that he doesn't want.

General Appearance

Basic looks Kidate was born a child of noble features and strong demeanour. He is an average height, with a panther-like build; strong, wiry compact muscles which wrap tightly around his body. His muscles are powerful but not very large, as his training prepared him for agility over strength and stamina over brute force. His face bears a thin, bony nose, and a set of equally thin, pale lips. Behind these lips lie a pink tongue and a set of brilliant white teeth, complete with needle-sharp fangs. His hair is naturally white and messy, falling about in every direction. When wet it hangs down to about the base of his neck all around, covering his face. When dried it stands on end mostly, spiky all around so that it keeps out of the way of his face. His eyes, slim and almond-shaped with slits for pupils, are emerald in color. They rimmed by thick black eyelashes, the black outline bringing out the brilliance of his eyes even further, to the point where they become a focal point of his person. Above these eyes are the thin, snow-white eyebrows that arc just beneath his brow. Several scars mar the once beautiful face, including one that runs across his right cheek and up through his eye, though his eye remains intact because the wound only severed the cheeks skin and the skin of his brow. His cheek bones, high and defined, finish off the regal appearance of his face. Ruining this very serious aspect are the two brilliantly white cat ears sitting upon his head, and the matching white tail spanning from the base of his spine. His tail is long and thin, as opposed to being very fluffy and large. His shoulders are an average width, not very wide but not extremely close together. His torso itself has an inward slope, though it is gradual and almost unnoticeable unless he's shirtless, his abdomen bearing six visible muscles known as a "six pack". His skin pale, his body marred by more scars than a man could count in a day, and his nails sharp as...well.. nails, he is a ghostly beast that is not to be messed with. Finally, he bares a tattoo upon his back. It's a tribal tattoo of a nine-tailed beast, presumably a wolf or lion.

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 123 lbs.

preferred wardrobe: Kidate prefers to wear button up shirts and ties along with a pair of jeans. He loves hats, all kinds of hats really, though his favourite is the top hat. He enjoys wearing brightly colored, mismatching socks, as well as various gloves, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Kidate enjoys wearing dress shoes, but he has been known to wear combat boots as well. When anticipating war or a massive battle, he will don a more appropriate uniform. The uniform consists of several parts. First he wears a skin-tight black, sleeveless shirt and a pair of black pants. Next he dons leather boots, leather gloves, and a necklace bearing the Gyouan symbol. After this he will don his headband, on his neck, and wrap a black scarf around his head; leaving space for his eyes and cat ears. At his waist always hangs several satchels which carry various tools and other necessary items.

Extra Features: Neko

Bloodline Information

Kekkei Genkai: ~

Description: ~

Physical Traits ~

Ability Overview ~

Rank and Skill Information

Village: Kirigakure no Sato

Rank: Genin
Letter Rank C
Group affiliation


- Main: Ninjutsu
-Sub: Kenjutsu
-Combination(Must have admin permission)

Advanced/Secondary Skills: Traps

Elemental & Jutsu Information

Elemental Affinity

Primary Element Fuuton
Secondary Element (E-A, Rank being equivalent to your rank, Chuunin and up only)
Advanced Element (E-S, Rank being equivalent to your rank, Jounin and up only
Combination (Only if Clan based.)

Jutsu (If they All don't fit, put in another post)

Name:Daitoppa - Great Breakthrough
Effect:Fuuton • Daitoppa is a Ninjutsu technique which utilizes the Wind Element. After bringing his hand to his mouth, the user will blow a large blast of wind capable of leveling almost anything in its way.

Name:Reppushou - Gale Wind Palm
Effect:Fuuton • Reppushou is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Wind Element. After forming the needed hand seals, the user will send a strong gust of wind towards his target. When acting in conjunction with another thrown weapon, the wind can increase its power and deadliness.

Name:Renkuudan - Drilling Air Projectile
Effect:Fuuton • Renkuudan is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Wind Element. The user inhales a large amount of air into his chest and then slams his fist into his chest to expel it. To strengthen the attack user will imbue chakra into the air. When expelled it forms concussive spherical projectiles capable of inflicting large damage.

History/Rp Sample

Rp Sample:

Birth and Academy:
Kidate grew up in a rough neighborhood, and it was as tough as it got for a kid. He had only his father to support him, and he was old and near death through most of Kidate's childhood. Kidate had to fend for himself, and spent most of his childhood learning to fight. Everywhere he went alone he'd be jumped and attacked, the shinobi never doing a thing about it. However, Kidate never grew cold or hateful. He simply used it as motivation to gain power. Close to the death of Kidate's father, Kidate learned that he had an innate talent for using the wind element. His father never got the chance to tell him of his clan. Kidate went to the academy an orphan, and a surprisingly kind child. He made many friends, and excelled in classes. When he used his new wind-bending talents against the children who liked to jump him he gained respect. Now when he walked home alone he could do so without fear. He would soon pass the academy and move on to be a genin.

Genin Arc:
Kidate received his headband and moved on to the harsh, cruel world of the shinobi. However, this never seemed to phase or change the warm heart of that young boy. No matter the cruelties he faced, or the horrors he saw, he was always the same. He began to train on his own, getting a feel for his natural talents, and trying to figure out what he can improve upon. During this time he took up several games, including Chess. Without a team or sensei to speak of, he was on his own with this, though it didn't seem to deter him. He became exceptionally skilled in the art of tactical thinking, and sensory techniques, which both would help him on missions and in combat. Missions were more difficult alone, but for the really tough ones he was able to latch on to a team for a while, fill in for genin who couldn't be there, or just be an extra man. His missions grew more dangerous as he grew stronger, and yet he still didn't take the Chuunin exam. Three years passed and he was still a genin, honing his skills before he took a step up in ranks.
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PostSubject: Re: Kidate Gyouan   Tue Aug 31, 2010 5:58 pm element.....

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Kidate Gyouan
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