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Naizu Nimakee

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PostSubject: Naizu   Thu Sep 02, 2010 2:32 am

Nimakee Naizu: (Eastern Traditional, Last Name, First Name)

Storm of the Clouds: (Only If you have any)



Noteable members: Naizu, Oriena, Morbokai:

Personality:Naizu is a calm,competetive, calulated and caring individual. His fierceness is instantly brought during battles whether sparring or life threating. He will interviene at the earliest convienience to protect one he cares for and out of battle he is easy to get along with. When it comes to his intelligence, Naizu thinks of virtually every aspect of his sorroundings before making a any moves...knowing is half the battle. To gain intel on an opponents battle tactics, he tends to use clones thinking for a good deal of jutsu as well as learning about his opponents movemtents. He keeps his composure during the fiercest of fights unless he's already distorted. In that case he typically uses his genjutsu to torment his opponent as much as possible to release whatever anger he may have in him.

Naizu is also a very fasionable person that naturally takes time out during battles to note attire. This is normally towards his opponent, he will criticize spontaneously and typically its without thought. If Naizu is teamed with someone, he is very easy to get along with and offers advice when he can about virtually anything. To go along with that, he is also a ladies man and a gentlemen overall as he's typically very well mannered, though he also great sense of humor. A leader of the Nimakee clan, Naizu is a very dependable person when it comes to getting things done and done correctly.
(Give at least Two Paragraphs)

General Appearance: The usual battle gear consist of a black tank top with long blue jean pants along with his forehead protector properly placed. Low cut black combat boots as well as black, leather finger cut gloves top off his battle attire. His every day gear alternates consistantly as he will wear anything from urban attire, to proffesional wear. While Kusakage, Naizu usually sported a different suit everyday and typically it was custom and taylor made.

Basic looks: Naizu is a handsome young man who has a good build and very solid, though not overly sized as like a body builder. His physique is toned and keeps a very clean, baby face type of appearance to be professional and for his own personal liking. His hair isn't long but good length, down past his shoulders a bit and he almost never puts it up or ties it (Ponytails, etc). Naizu is keeps to his natural black hair and makes sure to keep it well conditioned for a shiny look...its more less to keep the ladies pleased. He has no tatoo's, nor piercings, he keeps as natural as he was born into the world. (A paragraph or two about how your character appears, you may add a picture; that is optional, the paragraph is not.)

Height:6'1 (How tall you Are)

Weight:205 (How Heavy or Light you Are)

preferred wardrobe: In public: Neat urban attire, ie: Jeans, logo'd shirts, a nice chain with out the pendant...etc. Profession time (meetings): Nice suites and custom made, typicaly different blue colors. Battle: Sweat pants and a tank top, usually black or white. (What does this character prefer to wear?)

Extra Features: (Are there any additional visual features we should know about?)

Bloodline Information

Kekkei Genkai:Oakegan (Just The Name of it)

Description: Oakegan:(3 stages have been noted in the clans history but there is a legend that 2 more exist. The possessors genjutsu is based on fear and elemental nature) 1st: Awakening Sight 2nd: Piercing Mind and 3rd: Heavens Vision

Awakening Sight: At this state, the possessor uses less chakra, halving what when using jutsu and the genjutsu's only a third of what the normal amount of chakra. But the reason this is calle the awakening sight is because this is the starting point of when a Nimakee gains premonitions. At this stage however, the preminitions are random and there is a few seconds of disorientation.

Piercing Mind: The possesors genjutsu uses more a great deal more chakra though ninjutsu and taijutsu chakra usage are reduced as much as the first stage. There are two things that separates this stage from the other is that it also inflicts bodily wounds through genjutsu. the prior preminitions are enhanced 25% more and time seems at a slowed pace. Each time a genjutsu is used in this state, there is two post cool down of no genjutsu usage in anyway, post completion of the illusion.

Heavens Vision: At this state, the possessor can cast genjutsu on up to a hundred enemies at once for 10 min intervals. Determining the number of targets and time duration, the chakra consumption varies. All attributes from the previous two stages are also aplied as well as the priminitons accuracy increasing to upwards of 90%.


Name:Refined Perception
Description:The fourth stage of the Oakegan thought to be but a legend. Its said to give the holder unfathomed wisdome and 3 fold over The Heavens Vision power.It is unknown how many jutsu this stage of the clans doujutsu hold but its said there are atleast two. Along with increasing the strength of the nin and genjutsus of the holder 3 fold its sad that the holders chakra is is Doubled

Name:Defined Apprehension
Description:The Alphamega of the Oakegan. The holder of this increases their chakra, strength, speed and wisdom 8 fold. Any genjutsu used while in this final stage will be near impossible to break. But its said that the maximum time you can maintain this stage is 5 minutes. If one tries to use this for more time, their chakra will start to drain rapidly or death can occurr.(5 minutes is equal 10 post)

(Description of abilities)

Physical Traits:Lessens chakra consumption for jutsus and each stage gives off other traits (Any physical traits that your Kkg gives you)

Ability Overview (a quick list of the bloodline abilities)

Rank and Skill Information

Village:Village Hidden in the Mist (What Village, you are from, if a Missing Ninja please place a Strike)

Rank: High Jonin (What rank are you?)
Letter Rank: S{E,D,C,B,A or S)
Group affiliation: Nimakee Clan Leader(Any group in or out of a village that your character is involved with whether it be a team or a terrorist group)

Specialties: (Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, etc . . .)

- Main:Ninjutsu
-Sub:Genjutsu(For chuunin and up)
-Combination(Must have admin permission)

Advanced/Secondary Skills: Mastery of clones (proficiencies, mastery….)

Elemental & Jutsu Information

Elemental Affinity

Primary Element:Water (E-S, Rank being equivalent to your rank)
Secondary Element:Fire (E-A, Rank being equivalent to your rank, Chuunin and up only)
Advanced Element (E-S, Rank being equivalent to your rank, Jounin and up only
Combination (Only if Clan based.)

Jutsu (If they All don't fit, put in another post)

Name: (Name of your jutsu, or technique)
Rank: (Rank of your jutsu, or technique - E, D, C, B, A, S, X)
Classification: (Gen, nin fuuin…etc….)

History/Rp Sample

Rp Sample:

As the Mizukages creations approached, the vision of interaction of shinobi became clear in full, and after further progress, as did whom it involve."The youngster from the meeting that burst in without manner, The Hokage and a man that I am unsure of " he said in his head as he reached the vision of one more man. "What are you doing brother, this is not good" he thought as the creations reached a point nearing the possibility of the the ninja's view. He didn't want to intrude on the altercation, however, he also didn't want for the matter to get out of hand. At that instance, he saw Morbokai and the Hokage attack though for what reason was unknown for he could see but not hear. The Mizukage halted and gave thought to what would be the more logical thing to do at this moment, for he didn't have the numbers on his side it would seem if thing were to go off again. Add to that, he didn't know what his younger siblings priorities were and he was in some type of predicament right then and there. So there he stood, in the middle of his journey back to his village, the Nimakee leader stood with a choice to make. "Maybe.." he said as he bit his thumb and began to form handseals quickly, prior to him slamming his hand to the ground. After a large cloud of smoke appeared and cleared, a combatant canine appeared wrapped with tape around his arms and hands, and broken chains on his arms and legs. "Need a favor of you Keido" he said with his hand to the canines head as images of what transpired were shown to him quickly. "I need you to get the kid and I will see to it that you are rewarded for your actions" he said with a serious voice. The nin dog nodded and began to unravel his tape from his arms and legs a bit and took a few sniffs to find the trail and take to the boy. "No more than two passes at the kid and no interaction with anyone other than him....not even Morbo" said Naizu before pointing out the direction. With that, the Keido took off and was gone from sight, reaching the area of the shinobi in about 30 seconds and bursting towards Genkou.


Academy arc: Naizu was a high prospect amongst the overseers of the cloud village acacdamy. At age 11 he was able to use genjutsu and at an accellerated rate, so much so that after less than two weeks in the academy, the moved him to genin

Genin arc: Naizu never had a problem getting along with fellow students...personally. During sparring session however, he constantly pushed the buttons of his teammates for the fact that he never thought they were close to his level. Constantly toying with them using his genjutsu, he sessions never lasted more than a couple minutes.The raikage knew he needed to do something about this and decided to place Naizu in the chunin exams personally. Upon knowlege of this Naizu grew extatic and excited. But his excitement quickly turned to disapointment throughout the course of the exam. He blazed through to the finals and was never in any danger even then. But something snapped inside him during his bout in the finals as his opponent pointed into the crowd and started slandering the name of his clan out of frustration of his in ability to land more than one punch in succession on Naizu. Angered and insulted,he walked calmly into the now charging opponent, with his eyes closed. Just prior to a clear shot landing on him, his eyes opened and only a sea of darkness could be seen, his Oakegan had been awakened and the awakening sight was his oponents last. The enemy stopped, dropped and didn't move, Naizu was declared the winner.

Chunnin Arc: Although becoming a chunnin, Naizu wasn't satasfied and started reqesting sparring matches with jounin and only to prepare for the annuall Nimakee tournament at that. Naizu was the prize of the Nimakees and the cloud at the age of 11. Nimakee won all of the annuall tourneys he took part in and at the age of 14 became a jounin.

Jounin Arc: At this point in time Naizu was growing weary of his village and started to contemplate. Missions he was sent on were childs play for him, and he sought no reason to stay. "I have nothing against being here, I just want to be the best he thought to himself". That night, he set off, not knowing what he would do or where he'd go, he just packed and left. The Raikage tried to keep this underwraps and set jounin and anbu out to search for him but to no avail. Eventually word got around and the villiage began to mutter about the stunning transpirings. Hours after hearing the news, morbokai set foot, promising his father he'd bring back his brother, regardless how long it took.

Missing nin Arc: 3yrs had passed since naizu took off in search to better himself as a ninja, and as he'd wished he'd improved to a higher level than one could hope. But during a training excercise one day, he found himself looking in on two shinobi battling. The movements, the appearence, the eyes, one of the shinobi he knew. It was his brother morbokai, fighting for his life. Morbokai had also improved a lot sense the two last saw each other but he was no match for this jounin. As the younger sibling swung, he was kicked fiercly through two trees and slammed into a third. As the jounin approached the still dazed brother for a final atack, naizu appeared, right infront of him. As morbokai came to his senses, he saw the enemy literally being dug into without being touched. This man in front of him, he knew it was his brother, but how much stronger had he gotten to do this type of damage? As the shinobi fell to the ground the younger sibbling sprang up, embracing the elder tightly. For hours the two traded stories and naizu explained why he left. "So you'll come back to the cloud"? he asked afterward. "No, not yet, but soon. Now head back home and tell father I'm ok". After that, with out a goodbye, the air got warm and steamy, everything was fogged, and when it dissapated, Naizu was gone, again.1 year later, Naizu steps foot into a country that hadn't held his presence in 4 long yrs..."I'm here, I'm back....I'm home"

Jonin Arc (Second stint)*: 3 years had past when Naizu finally returned to the Cloud and things had changed, but only to a minor extint for the Raikage was still the same man known as Saruno. The only means of change that were shown for the most part were peoples age, their maturity, and a few places that were built where others were torn down. The return was bitter sweet for the young man because though he was gone, the fact that his brother did Naizu asked helped keep his name brought up for future leaders of the clan when his father was to step down. After a brief welcome back, the clans higher ups pulled Naizu to the side to explain to him something that no person wants to hear, his father had passed. During Naizu's absense, Nerai had fallen ill from an unexplained illness and held private with the matter, telling nobody but his most trusted men. He had die about a half year prior to Naizu's return and wished his eldest to resume leadership should he return. Though sad and remorseful to his father for not being there prior to his passing, he held pride in knowing that he would be able to protect his brother and clan with confidence. During this period however, he felt the need to further his skill set and enhance his overall abilities before taking the position. One day he got a message from someone to obtain something from a said location and during the venture, he was confronted by a powerful jonin named Kidate and a battle insued. The man said his reasoning was because he wanted to test the abilities of shinobi from his former village and awoke his fourth stage of KKG, however a twist in the battle brought another into play. An enourmous Canine by the name of Zeidius interupted the battle and began to speak rudely to the feline natured foe, and the fierceness of the conversation was returned equally on the otherside. Eventually, it was revealed that the two knew each other quite well in some way or another, and knew of Nerai as well for they battle alongside him. The fellow shinobi and the large dog then unsealed a curse seal on the young man and unlocked the second legendary stage of Oakegan in the "Defined Apprehension". After that, a time of training with the canine family and became the canine sage after months of studying, training and massive effort overall with enhancing all of his senses. Finally, he felt at the point he needed to be and assumed leadership of the clan and eventually linked up with a couple of peolple that would be influential in his life from there on out. A man that went by the name of Ki Willow would become his sensei and teach him a secondary source of energy that would allow him to excert even less chakra with that option. He also met a man known as Kostas Walker, this was a relationship that proceeded in his next phase of his life in a major way, for he learned a third set means of energy that ironically was call Ki.

Kusagakure Arc (Kusakage)*: A few years removed from his return to the Cloud and his clan, Naizu was presented with an opportunity of becoming a leader of a small village that blossomed drastically with his arrival. He, along with his clan, moved to the village hidden in the grass and surprisingly enough, he had another that took the journey along side him. Kostas came with Naizu and became a Sanin there as well as an advisor with about a a fourth of the buisnes decisons and about fifty percent of his attire as the men were both heavy on the way the presented themselves. Leadership of a clan presented a great enough porton of will power and mental toughness, but being the leader of a country as well was...well it was a challenge above anything that Naizu had ever done. This came in handy however as he learned a new means of calm and allowed him to merge those things with those of battle and brought the man to a new level. In this time, his country was never threatened and allowed him to run things thoroughly and rather smoothly for the most part. Another opportunity presented itself a little later in his role as Kusakage, for one of the 5 great nations in Kiragakure, sent a shinobi to him and asking of his leadership role to become the Mizukage. During this time, Kostas had been offered a role as the Kazekage and promptly accepted it and the Country was in good spirits and graces. Leaving one of his trusted clansmen in the Kage seat, he proceeded with his move to the Mist, bringing the rest of his clan along with him.

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Null Abarada

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PostSubject: Re: Naizu   Thu Sep 02, 2010 1:29 pm


Please post your clan in the clan section for approval.

And everything should be alright.
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Naizu Nimakee

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PostSubject: Re: Naizu   Thu Sep 02, 2010 10:44 pm


KKG JUTSU: *S Ranks for my KKG will be rp'd out, I just want to have them approved for when they are done. Afterwards, I can update them after each training/learning session.*




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PostSubject: Re: Naizu   Sat Sep 04, 2010 3:50 am

by my count, you have 5 S rank jutsu. Despite saying you will rp them out, i will ask you to remove 4 of them from your app to avoid any confusion.

Shinsoku (??, God-speed ) - Give this a rank, and also, movement this fast would require a taijutsu specialty

Uraate (????, Reverse Striking) - this doesn't exactly fit in with the naruto, it seems like you just copied a move from a whole other manga to use, and besides, striking the center of an attack would not allow you to redirect it's force

Water Style: Wolf Pack explosion - you have this jutsu posted twice

Water Style: Stealth Clone Jutsu - please explain how you heat up the clone

Water Style: Delusion Fog Jutsu - how is this genjutsu started, do you have to look them in the eye, or see a special sign, etc

Water Style: Hound Jutsu - does this jutsu do any damage to the opponent? and i don't really see why you would need fire to use this

Hells Clones - explain what the arms do when launched, do the fly in a straight line, do they explode, etc

Dual-Elemental Seal - first, are the clones inside, or outside the barrier. and second, if one clone is destroyed, does the barrier disappear?

Dual Death Clones - what are they created from, and do they disappear after being hit?

Fur - you do not have the steam element, please remove this

Heat Wave - wouldn't the water evaporate almost instantly at 600 degrees?

Wolves Fury - so if they so much as look in your general direction, or touch you, this genjutsu takes effect? i don't think there is a genjutsu potent enough to be initiated by so many mediums.

Fire in Paw - please take note that this could not protect against a b rank water jutsu

Canine style: Wolf Flame jutsu - please cut back the size, as a wolf that is 100 feet tall, and 150 feet long made of pure fire would drain nearly all of your chakra

Canine style: Hound Hunters Jutsu - please remove this as you do not have the steam element

Akumu (nightmare) - if this is started through contact, why is it classed as a doujutsu?

kyoufu (terror) - visual contact means you can see them, are you telling me that this genjutsu is started simply by looking at a person, regardless of what they are doing

Guuzou Ryuuki (image transaction) - same as before, if this is done through touch, why class it as a doujutsu?

Scroll of Claws - please explain what you mean by absorb physical energy, and any weapons can only start as C rank, and must be upgraded through the use of points

Scroll of Kaosu - please describe these elemental attacks in more detail

Leiya - how exactly does it protect you on it's own, and any weapon can only start as C rank, and must be upgraded through the use of points

Light in darkness - no willows, so please remove this jutsu

Sun - where exactly is this sun created at, and how exactly do you create it

Scroll of Designation - this seams like it would take a large seal on the ground to track where the opponent is in relation to the scroll

The Great Landscape - how big of an area would be affected by this jutsu

Navigation Scroll - how would a user with no earth chakra be able to change the land around them
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PostSubject: Re: Naizu   

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