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Naizu Nimakee

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PostSubject: Nimakee   Thu Sep 02, 2010 11:27 pm

Clan Name: ►Nimakee◄

History//Legend of the Clan:

Clan History: The Nimakees are a middle class clan with extrodanary ability. The Founder of the clan, Gero Nimakee was know for his ruthless Genjustsu and was the first to posses the Oakegan. The Nimakees were and typically are hired as hidden gaurds for their stealth.As the founder and leader, Gero held overwelming pride but a gentle heart. He and his wife Nikko were very competitive and were known to at times split the clan into two seprate groups for sparring sessions. But on the third annual event, something amazing transpired. was so fierce, it'd awakend and pushed nikko's Oakegon into the second stage or the "piercing mind". Amongst this revalation, the format of the session turned to tournament style and occured once every 6 mon. The 3rd stage revealed in the tenth annual event, exactly one week after gave birth to their first child, Neirai. Rouge ninja attacked the clan under orders of a fuedel lords orders whom had gotten word of the the extent of the extent of the clans extraordinary kekkei genkei. The nimakees defended their territory and defeated all of the enemy...except one. Unknown to any of them, one ninja thought to be defeated because of the motionless body struck. Taking a kunai from the ground he bolted toward the infinte. Nikko saw him and gave up her body as well as her life to save her child. Amongst seeing the first drop of blood, the third stage, Heavens vision was awakened in Gero. Not only did Gero kill the ninja, he took on the task of finding the man respondsible and destroyed him and the shinobi who tried to protect him. Gero never married again and after his passing some 18 years later, his son,Neirai, assumed leadership of the clan. Under him the Nimakees have stayed on a low profile but were known throughout the land for they're abilities and were rarely challenged. Neirai still reined as leader some 20 years after his fathers passing and had 2 sons,now age 21 Morbokai and a prodigy son named Naizu, now age 24. 5 Years ago Neirai passed away of a desease and Naizu stepped was brought to head the clan as he currently does to this day.

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:
Kekei Genkai :Oakegan

Oakegan:(3 stages have been noted in the clans history but there is a legend that 2 more exist. The possessors genjutsu is based on fear and elemental nature) 1st: Awakening Sight 2nd: Piercing Mind and 3rd: Heavens Vision

Awakening Sight: The possesors genjutsu ustilzes smaller portion of chakra and is enhanced. But most notably is one is able to gain premanitions of the opositions moves though only 50% accurate at this stage.

Piercing Mind: The possesors genjutsu uses more a great deal more chakra but also inflicts bodily wounds through genjutsu. the prior preminitions are enhanced 25% more and time seems at a slowed pace

Heavens Vision: At this state, the possessor can cast genjutsu on up to a hundred enemies at once for 10 min intervals. Determining the number of targets and time duration, the chakra consumption varies. All attributes from the previous two stages are also aplied as well as the priminitons accuracy increasing to upwards of 90%.

Further explination of Kekkei Genkai:

For the first stage, its awoke, hence the name of the stage of awakening sight...this stage lowers the amount of chakra that I use to a bare minimum when using jutsu. That explains why one can use as many jutsu's in their arsenal and still have the ability to fight with a massive reserve of chakra. The second stage is called the piercing mind, which uses a decent amount more chakra than the awakening eye but still allows the possesor to use less chakra than they would with out the oakegan activated. Along with that, one can also see movements of people at a massively slowed rate allowing me to react faster when attacked and depict weakness in ones defense if they can think of it quick enough. The last portion of this stage is enhancing the strength of a Nimakee's genjutsu and ninjutsu, for when inside one of the genjutsu, if you harm someone there, you will receive the wound on the outside as well. The third stage is a combination of the first two as once again, jutsu's use minimum chakra and can inflict physical damage through gen along with a more increased power of nin and gen and movement is seen at a slower pace. The major portion of this however, is that one can not only catch one person in a genjutsu, a Nimakee can catch up to a hundred, but it uses a massive amount to do so and there is a maximum time of ten minutes to retain my opponents in it.

Legendary Stages:

Name:Refined Perception
Description:The fourth stage of the Oakegan thought to be but a legend. Its said to give the holder unfathomed wisdome and 3 fold over The Heavens Vision power.It is unknown how many jutsu this stage of the clans doujutsu hold but its said there are atleast two. Along with increasing the strength of the nin and genjutsus of the holder 3 fold its sad that the holders chakra is is Doubled

Name:Defined Apprehension
Description:The Alphamega of the Oakegan. The holder of this increases their chakra, strength, speed and wisdom 8 fold. Any genjutsu used while in this final stage will be near impossible to break. But its said that the maximum time you can maintain this stage is 5 minutes. If one tries to use this for more time, their chakra will start to drain rapidly or death can occurr.(5 minutes is equal 10 post)

Clan Information:

- Clan Training :: Typically, the Nimakee's work with camouflaging as well as working to improve their strategy for any situation.

- Population :: There has been no census of the clan before but it is believed to have 40-50 members in Kusagakure and many spread around other nations

- Nature//Values :: The Nimakee's are naturally family oriented and have natural beliefs in the protection of others at almost any cost.

- Clan Symbol :: Write Here

Additional Information:

- Clan Founder :: Gero Nimakee

- Relationship :: Leader: Naizu Nimakee Relationship with Nations: Neutral to all, though firm with Kumogakure and Kusagakure

- Clan Political Structure :: The Nimakees work as a single clan with no off branches of note. The head of the clan is currently Naizu Nimakee, as he took over after the passing of his father.
Elders of the clan are known to be advisors (4) to the head though the clan has no council. High ranks under the lead are know as captains as there are 3 of them, all other members rank as normal shinobi ranks work.

- Important Members :: Gero Nimakee, Naizu Nimakee, Morbokai Nimakee, Oriena Nimakee
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