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 Custom Ability Templates

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Missing Nin
Missing Nin

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PostSubject: Custom Ability Templates   Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:41 pm

Custom Templates
Custom Justu

• [b]Name[/b]: (Name of your jutsu, or technique)
• [b]Rank[/b]: (Rank of your jutsu, or technique - E, D, C, B, A, S, X)                   
• [b]Classification[/b]: (Gen, nin fuuin…etc….)                                           
• [b]Element[/b]
• [b]Requirements[/b]:
• [b]Description[/b]:
Custom Weapons/Equipment

[b]Name[/b]: (Name of your Item)
[b]Rank[/b]: (Rank of your Item)
[b]Element[/b]: (Element(s) of your Item)
[b]Classification[/b](Is it a shield, sword, kunai, etc…..)

[b]Requirements[/b]: (Requirements that must be met before your item can be used in RP)
[b]Weight[/b]: (Weight of your item)
[b]Length[/b]: (Length of your item)
[b]Abilities of item[/b]: (Abilities of your weapon
[b]Description of item Appearance[/b]: (Describe your weapon's appearance. If it has stages, describe them as well)

Custom Puppets

[b]Name:[/b] ( What is the name of your puppet? )
[b]Rank: [/b] (E-S)
[b]Type: [/b]
- Offensive (Full out, lethal combat! :ninja: )
- Jutsu Base (Designed for chakra usage)
- Defensive (Wall, Protector, Tank, Carrier, etc...)
-All Around (Built for pretty much anything, but has no specialties)
-Other (Is there something we missed? If so specify)
[b]Apperance:[/b] (wjat does your puppet look like?)
[b]Description:[/b] Give us a brief explanation of this puppet, it’s abilities, origin, etc.)
[b]Weapons:[/b] Where are the weapons and what are they?)

[u]- Arms (Left and right - if any)[/u]
[u]- Legs (Left and right - if any)[/u]
[u]- Torso [/u]
[u]- Head [/u]
[u]- Extra compartments [/u]

[u]Puppet’s Jutsu:[/u]
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Custom Ability Templates
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