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 Lengendary characters

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Missing Nin
Missing Nin

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PostSubject: Lengendary characters   Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:05 am

The point of this thread is to discuss characters (not the rpers, I don't want to hear how bad the rpers actually were or how good they were. This about the accomplishments of the Characters) that have left a lasting impression in your mind. These can be insane feats or incredibly stupid ones. They can be from any Naruto site, we're associated with or us, just please indicate which one. and of course feel free to discuss.

I'll start off with a short list of mine, that I'll add to over time:


-Kush Uchiha: I'm sorry, but any character that can go from stone ninja to aka leader to hokage in a day and then dead less than a week later, deserves some sort of recognition. Of course he was also the leader of P.O.U. and had ems, which his killer gladly took. Not to mention the ems had one of the more powerful justu on the site in the right, hands. I think you get the picture.

-Artemis Nara: From genin to watching his uncle "die", to then training in the stone for revenge, and then solo training. Afterwards hunting down and killing the hokage, Kush uchiha who had two other kages coming for him at the same time. After killing the kage, he steals the ems, learns his uncle's alive and returns to his old village for revenge; becoming one of the top ranking ninjas. During his time in the sand, he kills his uncle's partner and then steal shamedaha from him and goes rouge join akastuki, which would once again lead him to the sand and his death at his uncles hand, who steals the sword. Art, once again appears as an impure soul warrior in the epic battle to be recorded, as "Just droping in"

-Kidate Gouyan: Destroyed half of Konoha and claimed it as his own territory with and obscene gesture. Oh and other stuff that is too long to list.

-Tenshin Nara: Two time kaze kage, left his village in a faked death and eventually returned to kill his nephew and steal a legendary weapon.


I'm going to hold off on this list until this topic picks up a bit, so go add at the discussion.
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PostSubject: Re: Lengendary characters   Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:20 am


Ark - Who went and started blowing up a village whilst singing "Slaughter Your World". (Link below for reference). Also one of the longest living characters on NX, I believe. Finally, he's the only one I ever saw to make the Akatsuki useful. On any RP site I've ever been on.

Talis - Who took over Iwagakure and gave it a name, wielded a weapon of five elements, and was just all around epic, despite his lack of activity story-wise.

Kitaro - Correction, he was the longest living. Kitaro led the Cloud for a very long time, and ended up becoming one of the strongest characters in the history of NX. I believe he beat a kage as an academy, student, amongst other things. He led the infamous group who's purpose I still don't completely understand. User of the tactic involving shadow clones the size of sand grains and a bag of sand.. Which was completely cheap but entirely brilliant.

Lee - For a very long time completely undefeated. 'nuff said.

Link to slaughter your world:
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Lengendary characters
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