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 Talis's random clan onslaught, # 1 (Suna)

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PostSubject: Talis's random clan onslaught, # 1 (Suna)   Mon Jul 12, 2010 3:07 pm

History//Legend of the Clan:

The is an ancient clan created to protect the jutsu of the storm god, some scholars believe in originated Sunagakure while other argue that it was founded in Kumogakure due to it’s common association with lightning, but either way here’s how the story goes:

There was once a young ninja, who spent years learning the secret of the lightning release, this process was a long and painful one that involved the ninja allowing himself to hit by lightning and such, but after all the training and pain it had happened. The ninja had learned the jutsu of the storm god, the truth behind this jutsu was known only to him, and one since him has learned the true secret. As the discovery of the jutsu became known a small number of ninja vowed to protect the jutsu and it’s secrets and these people soon where around the jutsu’s user a lot , after a while they seemed to absorb some of the Justus key features, giving birth to the Talis clan.

The clan continued to protect the jutsu for ages, until once in a great battle a member used the jutsu he had sworn to protect, and with the release, all the clans powers and the jutsu faded away. After this event the members of the clan scattered into different villages. The power had seemed lost but one man would not give up he repeated the process that his ancestors went through and after decades he had used the jutsu once again. Though the power was recovered the man paid a price with his life, but soon the power began to appear in the clans scattered descendants all over the world.

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:

he Talis clan ability is a complicated form of lightning manipulation, the ability manifests it’s self in 4 stages ((I’ll most likely add more clan jutsu later, I cut down the number to sppeed up my app.))

Stage 1

How to achieve: nothing, is born into, is mainly seen to manifest in the wielders early years.

Abilities in this stage; The user can generate lightning from there charka without the use of hand signs. The draw back to this ability is the fact that they must discharge the lightning into an external location or risk serve burning as the users body is unable to contain it the energy with out the use of an external jutsu.
The user may also change small amounts of lightning in to chakra.

Appearance changes: the only change in appearance in this stage is that the user now has permanently golden eyes.

Jutsu learnable in this stage

Name: Storm raid
Rank: C
Element: Lightning
Clan: Talis
Description: The user charges 2 reserves of chakra into lightning and merges them in a powerful static explosion, if a person is hit head on by this tech, they will have 1 post paralysis of 1 limb

Name: Raiden
Rank: B
Element: Lightning
Clan: Talis
Description: The user unleashes a bolt of lightning from there body, that spirals in a upwards fashion and sends four powerful spinning tendrils out of each of the users four sides, the blot will remain over the users body for 3 posts.

Stage 2

How to achieve: The user, in stage one must train with in a storm allowing their selves to be hit my lighting multiple times, many died during the process due to the inability to contain their power.

Appearance chance, the users hair color will now most likely be a dark color, if wasn’t already, some believe it’s due to the training required to achieve this form .

Abilities in this stage: The user is able to contain lightning with their bodies to the point in which any type of lightning is attracted to it and if the lightning with in their bodies remains at a controllable amount, is able to redirect it however they wish. The user is unable to control the amount of energy that comes on to their body at any one time and may end up burning themselves if they are unable to keep the lightning at a controllable level. The lightning may also be absorbed into charka, the users power increases by a large amount during a storm, but so does the danger.

Jutsu learnable in this stage

Name: Tremor bolt
Rank: B
Element: lightning
Clan: Talis
Description: The user absorbs an external source of lightning and transfers into the ground, until the point in which a literal earth quake of lightning is being unleashed around everyone. The justu may be used to electrocute someone far away.

Stage 3
How to achieve: one must absorb an extreme amount pf lightning and meditate during the process, eventually forcing the lightning to subside, giving them control.

Appearance changes; along with the previous changes, the Talis member now, gains a lightning like make on their chest.

Abilities in this stage: the user has now the ability to absorb an extreme amount of lightning and has almost telepathic control over it, but due to the large amount of lightning their body constantly generates, they must discharge some lightning every 3 posts in a dangerous explosion, that could hurt those they are around and even themselves if they are not careful. In this stage the user is considered a master of lightning base jutsu and can easily change their chakra into lightning and Vice versa, but face a dangerous draw back.

Name: Raijin
Rank: A
Element: lightning
Clan: Talis
Description: The user unleash a small ball of lightning that disperses and appears in the form of 3 clones of the user, when the clone is destroyed it explodes in a small lightning storm around the user.

Stage 4
How to achieve: The user must train, with another member of clan (whether it be in a dream like world in the real shinobi world) and learn the wrath of Susanoo jutsu.

Appearance changes: along with the previous changes the user now gains two red diagonal strips along their cheeks, a side effects from their clans ultimate jutsu .

Abilities in this stage: The user has now has gained full control over their ability to control lightning, though the user must still discharge their extra lightning every five post, but now it’s in a much small refined form about the size of a tennis ball. If they fail to allow the discharge to occur the user will suffer from serve internal burning. Due to the extreme amount of lightning the user produces they have ability to summon small lightning storms (no rain snow, hail etc.) that last about 2 post, but also due to the constant amount of lightning the users body is generating they run the constant risk of quickly running out of chakra if they are not careful.

Name: Wrath of Susanoo
Rank: S
Element: lightning
Clan: Talis
Description: The user charges up their chakra for one post, after this they unleash it into the sky in the form of lightning. The said lightning triggers a storm which after raging for one posts, two large swords made of lightning physically emerge from the clouds with equally as large hands made from lightning holding them. The swords last for 3 posts, they can launch powerful balls of lightning, swing that there opponents, and if charge for the whole there posts, a demonic face appears along with the swords which unleashes a large blot of lightning from it’s the mouth the lightning is to great to be absorbed into the ground so it travels for a small distance. This jutsu can only be used once per battle.

Additional Information [Optional]:

- Clan Founder :: Talis Raikou

Relationship :: Hasn’t been around long enough for politics to be established

- Clan Political Structure :: A clan leader, that’s about it.
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Talis's random clan onslaught, # 1 (Suna)
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