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 Mission Title: Island Defense [[Complete]]

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Yami Kurushimi

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PostSubject: Mission Title: Island Defense [[Complete]]   Mon Sep 06, 2010 3:29 pm


Yami woke up early that day, as she was expecting a falcon to arrive with a mission. She stood up from her king sized bed and walked into the bathroom. The girl sleepy entered the shower and started shampooing her hair. Then she exited the shower and wrapped a towel around herself, walking towards the mirror. She brushed her teeth and washed her face and then put on shorts and a black T-shirt. Yami took out the hairdryer and started drying her long, blue, wet hair. After ten minutes her hair was finally dry and so she put the hairdryer back to it’s place.

The young Jounin walked down the stairs and entered her large kitchen. She walked over to the fridge and took out a bottle of milk which she placed on the kitchen table. Then she approached a drawer and pulled out a bowl and from cupboard she pulled out a box of corn flakes which she both placed on the kitchen table. She poured the milk and the corn flakes into the bowl and started eating them with a spoon. After she finished, Yami put back the box of corn flakes into the cupboard and washed the bowl and the spoon in a sink.

The girl walked into her living room and sat on the white sofa as suddenly a falcon appeared to be flying towards her. It obviously didn’t saw that there was actually a large window between Yami and itself and so it banged against the window, slowly sliding down. Yami stood up from her couch and walked over to the window, opening it and taking on her arm the bird. She unfolded the paper that wad adhered to its foot and read it.


'Aha. Looks like fun' Yami thought, letting the bird fly away. She quickly walked into her cellar and took on a belt which was holding a hammer and some nails. She put on military boots and walked out of the door.

Outposts arc:

Yami arrived at the harbour of Kirigakure. It was empty, only a small boat being there. Yami approached the boat and saw a man sleeping in there. ''Excuse me sir. I have come for the mission'' she said, her trying to be kind, though she didn’t bother to smile. The man mourned and opened his eyes as he stood up. ‘Mission? Ah right the outposts and all that other stuff. Yea, yeah over there is the store house. You’ll find there anything you need.’ He said, lying down again. Yami looked at the store house and walked over it, entering the door. There was pretty much everything stored from wood to parts of ships. Yami took some wood boards and brought them to the sea. She walked again into the store house and took out some thick heavy posts and placed them together with the boards.

Yami took all the ten wooden posts and carved into them horizontally three holes that had the wooden board’s width. Each post had three holes. The girl took a post and dived together with it into the sea. She swam until the ground and focused chakra to her hands. Then she slammed with incredible strength the post into the sea ground. Then she quickly swam up again and took a deep breath. The ocean was really deep even though she was so near to main land. The post was one meter above the marine mirror and the carvings were right at the middle of it. Yami repeated this process with the diving nine times until ten posts were standing in the ocean, two meter horizontally and vertical apart from each other.

The girl then took a wooden board and attached it to the first two posts, horizontally. She took out her hammer and nails and knocked the nails through the board into the post several times so it wouldn’t rupture. Yami took another board and attached it to the second post on the left and the second post on the right. Then she took a longer board and attached it to the first post on the left and the third post on the right. Then she stabilized it by slamming several nails trough the board into the post. Then she took another long board and attached it to the first post on the right and the third post on the left, forming an ‘X’ with the previous board. This ‘X’ was being held by the board that connected the second post on the left with the second post on the right. ((Something like this X))

Yami repeated that process until every post was connected with three boards. Yami then took a wooden board and placed it on the basement of the bridge. ((The X’s)) She took out her hammer and started hammering nails through the board into the basement. She did that until the whole basement was covered by wooden boards and it finally looked like a bridge for ships. Yami then took out a small knife and started carving the posts, making them thinner in the middle. This part of the post was meant for the ropes of the boats that were going to be bound there.

Yami had finished the outposts’ mission.

Docks arc:

It was already midday but the sun wasn’t shining. Well, the sun was never shining in Kirigakure. Yami walked to the man who was now eating in his boat. ''I made that boat bridge thing that was needed. Do you happen to have … anchors in that store house?'' she asked, looking at the man who was eating a rice ball. ''Yeah…there must…be some new…ones that arrived…yesterday.'' He said, pausing while eating the rice ball. The girl turned around and walked into the storage house. She looked around for some minutes ad find a new looking wooden box that had imprinted on it: HEAVY. Yami broke open the box and found the anchors. She tried to pull one out, but it was too heavy. She looked around and found a tricycle with which workers where carrying heavy or a lot of things. Yami pulled the tricycle closer to the box and she barely managed to lift one of the anchors. She put it into the tricycle and put the other two anchors there, too. She then took out some new chains and threw them in there. Yami grabbed the handles and pushed the tricycle forward.

She reached the new built bridge and stopped in front of it. The girl fixed the chain to one of the anchors and dragged it behind her. Yami focused chakra to her feet and walked on the water, while the anchor was sinking halfway down the ocean. The young Jounin started walking towards the docks that had been cut off by the storm and thus where floating around freely. She let the anchor fall into the sea and cut off the broken chain of the dock by concentrating fire into her hand. The broken chain fell into the sea and Yami dived down and attached to a big rock a big a metal ring. She took the anchor and hacked it into the ring, so it couldn’t flow away again. The girl then took the new and old chain and swam up to the surface. She concentrated chakra on her feet and stood on the water. She attached the new chain to the place that was provided for it and walked back to the shore with the old chain.

That was repeated three times as only three docks were loose.

Defense system arc:

Now the difficult part had come. Yami had to come up with a defense system that could even sink ships. She was walking up and down trying to think of something. She then noticed an old cannon like device. It , however, wasn’t a cannon. It was a gadget used to throw out the fish strings in order to catch the fish. It looked old and rusty. Probably it had been out of order for quite some years.

Yami approached the man once again, who was trying to sleep again as it was turning slowly dark. ''Sir, about that strange device, are you using it?'' she asked, looking at him. The man looked at the fish string thrower and frowned. ''We used to once but it was to difficult to tie the string back. It was always getting stuck in that thing and thus we gave it up.'' He said, lying in his little boat.

The girl approached it and took out a screwdriver. She took it apart and started cleaning it. Once it was all cleaned up, she modified it. Instead of it firing with a button, she placed there a large, powerful spring spring which was being held tight by two iron strings that would wrap around a small piece of wood, inside the cannon. Then if someone wanted to fire something they would just let go of the lever and the thing placed inside the cannon would shoot out like a rocket, so to speak.

Now the problem was, what would be strong enough to sink a ship but light enough in order to fly one hundred meters away.

Yami was once again walking up and down, trying to think of something like that. She passed by some old metal trash and inspiration hit her. She took that tricycle and put in it every metal she could find and quickly ran to the blacks’ smith. ''Hello there. I need to melt this metal.'' she said, looking at the muscular man. ''It’s for a mission'' she added as he was looking at her with a critical look. As soon as she mentioned the mission, he let her inside his laboratory, she had access to everything.

Yami threw the metal into a bullet form, which was however thirty centimetre (11.8110236 inches) long. She concentrated chakra, her hand bursting out in flames. The girl’s hand approached the metal and it started melting. Slowly the bullet’s bottom was formed. Yami threw it into water and it cooled down. Then she pulled it out again and while it was still a bit warm, she took out a knife and cut the inside steel out. She left only about 1 centimetre (0, 38 inches) of steel that formed the bottom of the large bullet. She then formed a half square on the back part of the bullet.

The steel that she had cut out, underwent the same process becoming, too, a 1 centimetre thick layer of steel that had a square on it’s back part. But this one had also a small button on its top. Then she took a wooden board and attached it to the bottom part, which was cut by her before in the right size. Under that wooden board she cut out a little square but this time it was more like a small door. Then she fused the two parts of the bullet to one. Then she took some more metal and melted it. She poured the metal into the empty bullet and filled it until it’s nose was full of metal. It cooled down and was finally ready.

Yami thanked the man and carried the bullet in the tricycle towards the harbour. She took some fabric and soaked it in oil and then put it into the bullet through the square of the back part. Then she opened the small door on the bullet’s bottom and filled that too with oil. She closed the small door and the button made that ‘click’ sound.

Now, if someone would happen to want to fire that cannon he had to do three easy steps. Step one; He would have to take a ball made of fabric, soak it in oil and put it inside the bullet from the square on back part. Step two; He would have to press the button so that the small door would open and then he would have to fill it up with oil. Then close the small door. Step three; Then he would have to set the fabric inside the cannon on fire. Step four; He would then have to put the bullet inside the device. Step five; He would then have to pull together the spring spring by pulling the lever round and round. Step six; He would have to aim at the target the device, preferably at the bulbous bow, and then release the lever.

The consequences of the firing of the bullet are as follows. The cannon is being fired at great speed towards the enemy ship. It hits and because of the thick metal nose it breaks through the ship. The button that is on the bullet is being pushed down and thus the small door with the oil opens, causing the oil to pour out and spread over the entire area. Since the collision was big, the 1 centimetre thick layer of steel cant handle it and therefore it breaks, releasing the fabric which is burning. The flames spread out through the oil and so the ship catches fire.

-Mission Complete-
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Torasame Hoshigaki

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PostSubject: Re: Mission Title: Island Defense [[Complete]]   Mon Sep 06, 2010 6:38 pm

2192 Words, not including titles and small captions.

The recommended was eight hundred words. Soooo, I find it only fair that you get twice as many points. I'll be pm Talis and have the changes made.

Thanks Yami.
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Mission Title: Island Defense [[Complete]]
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