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PostSubject: Irritation   Thu Sep 09, 2010 5:33 pm

The barrier flowed in waves above his head, his rear sitting on the chair just near the middle post. He was slightly in his usual state of depression and irritation. His right arm was hung down from a wrapping of fabric around it and a thin layer of it across his shoulders. He was not injured, just to give false impressions of such. In actuality, his arm had a light irritation from writing so many paperwork, and just wanted it to rest for now. Wielding a sword wasn't anything compared to writing for hours. Only a dark sigh came through his lips before closing his hues and leaning back along the chair. He was both bored and just wanting to rest. He had to stay near the barrier for now, seeing as several reports came in, and had to keep himself occupied in case of attack. The barrier flicked something out of it's way as a bird hit against it. An invisible cage it was seemed, his hues opening for a moment to stare upwards at the semi-clear layers of the barrier above. What would come to it if the village was attacked again? Yuui was at his side, stuck in the ground with the sheath beside her, laying on the ground. Twin Katana were placed softly at the edge of the back of the chair, making sure they were available. A black pair of pants and a white t-shirt covered his body, Gheta on his feet with socks holding his feet to them. Such a simple, boring day.
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