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PostSubject: Kari megami   Fri Sep 10, 2010 1:51 pm

Clan Name: ►Kari Megami◄

History//Legend of the Clan:

Time has past and it was a long dark misty night and his horse galloped in the water and the man held onto his steed and made the horse go faster. The mans name was Zasu Kari wa Megami but Kari for short. He looked up to see a snowy mountian and and beyond that was a village. He walked to the lil village and women were looking at him and loveing his charming looks. His moon looking eyes with black stars deepened within. Then there was only one woman that coughted his eyes.
She was beautiful like three moons with three different colors. He got off his horse and walked up to her and all she did is look up at him with no studder and he carried her to his horse and went to where she lived. She didn't know much about him but he did seem mysterious and loveing. She saw that he was bleeding on his arm and healed him. He loved and enjoied the company anyways because he is usually alone with his horse. She was 18 and he was 20 only two aged difference.
Two years later they were close and their bond grew closer at that time. He fell in love with her as she did with him. He took her to a romantic moonflower tree while the full moon was up and looked into her eyes and ask her to run away with him and marry him. She was so excited and smiled and said yes of course and so they made love that night. He then told her that he was a prince of a clan and she was astonished and left to go to the palace. Months later after they made love she started getting sick and her stomach grew large. She was sent to the doctors and they found out she was pregnent with a one.
She was then born and she had beautiful hair and lovable eyes. a year or two after they birthed another and then another after that. They were then done but the unknown thing was that They all looked different and they grew a symbol in a different places. The oldest named Karihana was birthed with a red moon,the middle aged girl was born with white and then the youngest was born with blue. They all had a cheif and more cheifs but they all come from the same place. The place is unknown and so are they but the family still treats the cheifs like family. Their father went to war and the mother left with.
The three girls were sad and felt alone. The other clan memebers that were from the lower and middle classes were sad also. Months later on a christmas morning the three girls found out that they were killed and now the only royalty left were the three girls. A light came in and a woman with beautiful clothing told them that it's time. The girls didnt know what she was talking about. Later that night the three found out they were ''special'' as in they were Goddesses and also a princess. They then were tooken seperately and no one has seen the three together for ages since then.

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:

The have the control of the combined elements Ice and snow. With the mixture of water and wind. They also have the ability to control the body flow of their own and allows to be immune to body control jutsus. It's only use if you study under the goddess of the red moon. Each moon goddess is different. The red mostly studies snow and bloody water also Ice. The blue moon Goddess studies Water and ice. Finally the White moon goddess studies snow and water. The red Goddess is the one with most element and chakra control. Each person of this clan is seperated into branches. There is the Royal branch, midvore branch and the lasvic branch, they each have their differences. Also they have the great smelling and hearing and night sight as cats do. Also with the religion thing in front they always carry a Scythe. This clan also eats tons of food and they don't gain weight so they always love to eat and drink.

Royal Branch- This branch practices all the clan elements for prepareing for the future life. The leader of this clan also has the ability to make it snow. (like pein can make it rain.) This branch is for royalty such as princesses,prince,Goddess and the mother and father of them. They ususally live in a huge house with the rest of the royal family.

Midvore Branch- This branch is the middle class branch and they are usually great in Ice jutsus and and water jutsus. the ususally live in lil houses or medium sized.

Lasvic- This branch is the lower class branch and are usually good at snow jutsus and wind. They usually live in dorms or lil houses.

Clans eyes when activated:

Clan Information:

- Clan Training :: Write Here

- Population :: 3 Royal,4 Middle class and 4 lower class and 2 goddesses.

- Nature//Values :: Water,wind,snow,ice,winter,moon and nature.

- Clan Symbol :: The clan symbol are the three moons or also called the Three Goddess sister moons. They were born under a full moon but were born in a different day. The first and oldest name is Karinara. She is also known as the red goddess. The middle sister that is the white moon goddess name is Akari which means 'bright' in japanese. The third sister that's the blue moon. Her name is Yunikari.

Additional Information:

Clan Jutsus:

Name: Snow Evolution

Rank: A

Element: Snow/wind

Type: Ninjutsu

Description: The person will concentraite their chakra into their minds,soul and heart and also outside. This will take about 45% of their chakra unless they have extra chakra. Also the only ones that can do this jutsu is the people from the royal family unless it's tought to them by one. If they are not from the royal family then it would take 57% of their chakra. As only if the user is a goddess they may use this only in terms of their emotions. When in sorrow or in close of death they use this jutsu or it might come and go but may no use this for jutsus or anything.(this jutsu is like peins jutsu with rain.)

Name: Mystery in the box

Rank: A

Element: Snow and N/A

Type: Ninjutsu

Description: The user will stand away 5ft away from the opponenet and do certian hand signs and claps their hands on the ground. If it isnt snowing or there isnt snow on the ground or any surrounding area, the person will gather water and wind and make snow. The snow will form itself into a box form around them both. But before the box starts putting itself together the user will do a water clone to trick the person as if their the clone. the Box will put itself fast together to surround and trap both the user (the clone) and the opponent. Then finally the top of the box will close in. After the closeing finally there will be spikes comeing out from all ends of the box and will close in on them. While that's happening the top of the box will melt and water will poar inside of the box makeing into an aqurium. The person may drown,spiked to death or escape if they're lucky.
Name: Moon spirit
Rank: N/A
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: 13Ft
element: Ice and water
Description: this is a goddess technique that only choosen ones may do. The user will create a circle on the earth and stand in the middle of it. The when their eyes form the body will glow and then water from all rescorces will form in to a cat and turn into ice. This will last 3 post.
Water Jutsus:

Name: Umbrella shimmer
rank: C-S
Type: ninjutsu
Range: 5ft wide
element: water
Description: the user will do certain hand signs and water will form around the user as a sheild and may reflect fire jutsus in the rank of the user. This jutsus sheild will only affect fire ninjutsu. this will last for 2 posts.
Name: Moon snow dance of flowers
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: Close range
Rank: C
Element: Water
Description: This jutsu can be performed as a spiritual dance or fighting. When the person that's performing this jutsu is in the same area or in reach with the target, the ninja will first perform the flower taijutsu part, it's when the opponent will be surrounded by moon flowers will form a tornado around him/her. While the opponent is detracted, the ninja will get water from the closest water supply or she could also use her water jug that she always carries and then surround it around the storm it goes into the moonflower tornado and strike the opponent quickly before the opponent gets away.

Name: Saewataru Tora (Ice Tiger)
Rank: C-S
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Water
Description: After forming many handsigns, the user will create a tiger like form of ice which can be manipulated to hit targets to cause damage, extended contact of this tiger can allow the user to further freeze anything it touches by expanding the clan's ice like water out the mouth and cover a target. This is not a summon, and the chakra holding it together will release of the user can not maintain the last handsign, which is the one for tiger, the concentration required to use this technique is such that the user cannot move or the form of ice will disperse, almost as if it is melting.

- Clan Founder :: Zasu Kari megami (Now Karisa)

- Relationship :: Any religious clan.

- Clan Political Structure :: This clan has a semi-simple structure. Every full moon the leader will set up a celebration and every person will have to sacrifice one important thing. (No animals can be sacrificed)

- Important Members :: Karisa Kari megami also any other people in the goddess or royal family.
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Kari megami
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