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 Ichitenbun Clan

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PostSubject: Ichitenbun Clan   Fri Sep 10, 2010 3:36 pm

Clan Name: ►Ichitenbun◄

History//Legend of the Clan:

The Ichitenbun clan was formed by two brothers of the Uchiha clan who discovered that their sharingan had mutated. As they grew they learned more and more of their eye's abilities, and soon become obsessed with the concept that they had been chosen to eliminate the Uchiha clan. For a very long time they remained allied with the Leaf, helping in wars and just showing the Uchiha up whenever they could. Their rivalry was not a bloody one, until the Uchiha clan leader killed the Ichitenbun clan leader in the middle of an extremely heated spar. No one but the Ichitenbun clan blamed the leader, as the Ichitenbun leader had provoked the fight and made it extremely dangerous with the use of such jutsu. However, the Ichitenbun clan saw it as a challenge to their blood and swore eternal hatred for the Uchiha. It was a decade after this that the Uchiha clan was thought to be wiped out from the earth for good. Because of this, the Ichitenbun clan moved to the village of Kirigakure. There they settled and put their other abilities to use, still using their kekkei genkei when the situation called for it.

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:

The Ichitenbun's kekkei genkai was nicknamed the Keireime, or Executioner's Eye. The Eye is said to be a mutation of the sharingan that holds the complete counter of the illustrious kekkei genkai. The clan of Ichitenbun, though originally found in the Leaf, switched its loyalties to the Mist only sixty years after the development of their ability. They felt it was their destiny to wipe Uchiha off of the face of the planet for life. Naturally, they were disappointed when the Uchiha known as Itachi slaughtered his clan. Their eye held the key to combating one of the most powerful doujutsu in history. The eye grants the user one of several abilities. New abilities are unlocked with each 'hue' or level. The first ability is to cast anyone who comes into eye contact with them into a spell that speeds up what they see tenfold. It is a form of genjutsu that can rarely be broken. The second ability is that the eye allows the user to recognize the opponent's genjutsu and counter them. This ability comes in the second 'hue'. The third and final ability is the ability to put a victim under a genjutsu much like Tsukiyomi. However, instead of being almost mentally lethal, this genjutsu simply causes the opponent to shut their eyes and never open them again. The genjutsu casts them into a world of darkness, an illusion that the user has gone blind.

The kekkei genkai first activates when a member of the clan goes up against the sharingan for the first time. Much like the sharingan, the Keireime's second hue activates when the user is pushed to a level well beyond their limit, or under an extremely stressful position. The final hue, however, can only be activated if the user makes a 'pact' with another person((players only, no NPC's)). This pact is basically a contract that both sign in their own blood by making the Ichitenbun clan symbol on their body. This contract connects their lifeline, meaning that if the person who signs the contract dies the clan member loses their third hue. Members of the contract can feel when the other is in danger, and contract members often create a summoning jutsu for the other contract member.

The drawbacks to the Keireime are similar to those of the sharingan. The chakra drain is there, but it is so minimal that a user could practically have it permenantly activated. However, after thirteen uses of the third hue the user bleeds from their eyes, usually resulting in death. Note: The third hue was banned by the clan shortly after the pact was created, only one member has ever been known to use this hue, and they were executed upon discovery. Those still loyal to the clan CANNOT get the third hue.

First Hue:

Second Hue:

Third Hue:

Clan Information:

- Clan Training :: Clan members learn to become shinobi. After which they typically spend two years learning to use the first hue of their Kekkei Genkai, and are expected to master the second on their own.

- Population :: The clan has a healthy population within the mist village.

- Nature//Values :: This section differs with the clan member.

- Clan Symbol ::

Additional Information:

- Clan Founder :: The name was never recorded

- Relationship :: Hatred of the Uchiha.

- Clan Political Structure :: Clan leader, and his family, are at the top. Other than that, there is little to the Political Structure.

- Important Members :: Gekkou
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Ichitenbun Clan
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