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 Zetsu Bloodline ((Complete))

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PostSubject: Zetsu Bloodline ((Complete))   Tue Sep 14, 2010 10:47 pm

Clan Name: ►Clan Name Here◄

History//Legend of the Clan:

It began long ago in the land known as Kusa no Kuni, seventy years before the first of the Great Shinobi Wars. There was a clan with highly advanced skills in the Mokuton Release, and for that they were praised, and yet feared and shunned for their abilities. As such the clan lived in a village of their own design, one created from their abilities with Mokuton jutsu, they very abilities that forced them into such seclusion. For a time the people of this long forgotten clan prospered, the artistry of their village occasionally drawing those who feared them to it from time to time.

Though the clan lived a prosperous life and their abilities with Mokuton were far beyond the normal of that time, they were unsatisfied with the power they held. It was a normal human want of those in that long forgotten clan that the people acted upon. The initial experiments to expand their powers began innocently enough, mere alterations of plants with their present abilities. This, however, would not sate their burning desires for more power, no, the people wanted more and the experimentation began to take on more and more heinous acts. Unable to prevent themselves from delving further into the acts of sin, the clan of a forgotten name went into hiding.

Their experiments had taken a turn for the worse, delving far too deep into the forbidden arts to be seen by those occasional visitors. The experimentations had taken a turn into the human department as the people experimented on plant and human alike, a most despicable of forbidden arts. Night and day these people worked for months, in an effort to perfect their power so they could reign supreme among the Mokuton users, and as they worked toward their goal of ultimate power their Village of beauty had begun to decay and die. Finally after months of laboring over their goal a single experiment went horribly, horribly wrong or, to their eyes, a success.

Whether it be a success or failure, none could truly tell, but the subject of the experiment smiled after a while, telling the group that he no longer thirsted for the power they desired. Amongst much cheering of the clan, each member began to submit themselves to the change, believing they had finally obtained the secret to ultimate power. Oh how wrong they had been, for instead of gaining ultimate power, each had weakened their body, though their Mokuton abilities had been increased enough to counteract this drawback. All in all they were no more powerful then they had been before, yet the plant DNA which they had been infused with washed away that human lust of power, freeing them of their burning hunger.

With the weakened bodies they then possessed the people of this newly formed Blood Limit had become dependant upon the plants they had been experimenting on. With their new found bond with nature the clan experimented again, this time to take on a form of protection and finally decided upon two things. One was that they would take up the Venus flytrap as their shield, and the second, perhaps the more important of the two, the clan took up a new family name; Kouba. Finally able to emerge from hiding and gaze upon their new visage in the true light, for what they had was only gray in those dark times, taking note of their now pupiless eyes, and split black and white flesh. Slightly astonished by the changes that had come about; the Kouba then took the time to rebuild their fair Village into a newer, more beautiful form.

For a year the Kouba lived in peace, their new forms remaining protected, alas the peace did not remain long enough to be enjoyed, for the citizens and shinobi of Kusa had taken a liking to gazing upon the old artistry of the village. As one viewer passed the village, he took note of the many repaired buildings and decided to investigate this oddity. As the young shinobi took note of the many Kouba and fled to the village of Kusagakure, reporting his findings to the Council Elders. Alarmed at how close this new threat was to their village the Elders began devising their plot to rid themselves of the Kouba and rallied the shinobi forces.

The assault upon the nameless village was swift and silent, occurring within the dead of night to catch the “beasts” off their guard. Alas, even with the element of surprise on their side, the Kouba were able to repel the forces of Kusa, though both sides did suffer casualties. The corpses did not litter the Kouba village for long, for their hunger for power had been replaced by a different hunger, one normal food could not quench, a hunger for the flesh and blood of humans. Feeding of the dead for sustenance the Kouba found their hunger had been quenched, if only shortly, and went about, not suspecting another attack. Yet another attack did come, this one with many wielders of the Katon release, burned the Kouba and their village of beauty, though many survived the assault by fleeing into the trees.

Many years passed and the Kouba remained forgetting for the most part, far from the eye of history recorded. For they had split up and remained in solitary groups of ones and twos, occasionally one turned up in Ninja Academy’s, their appearances disguised. It wasn’t until the first Great Shinobi War that they made their appearance once more, most of the time employed as spies and assassins. The Kouba had been drawn to the battlefields for the corpses that amassed there, fighting for whatever side offered most, not caring whose blood they shed as long as they could shed blood. After the wars the Kouba returned somewhat into the mainstream shinobi world, though the bore a common hatred for Kusa, and were mostly found with slashed headbands or none at all. Under the careful scrutiny of History once more the people of that old forgotten clan and village have begun to grow in numbers again, perhaps biding their time for something.

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:
# Appearance/Attire - The Kouba bare uniquely odd appearances, their skin tone being one of the most noticeable features, half jet black and half pure white. Another noticeable trait is the Venus Flytrap every Kouba has, surrounding their bodies for protection. Green hair, nails, and even blood are other traits, ones caused by the excess of chlorophyll in their bodies. Their eyes are pupiless with colors ranging among those found in nature, green being the most common and their teeth are pointed. They are a tall, slim people heights ranging from around 5’10” to 6’6” with their flytraps and all possess fragile bodies. Among them there is no true dress code, but they often cover up the main portion of their flytrap with long cloaks.

# Flytrap - The Venus Flytrap looks like the head of the venus flytrap plant encasing the Kouba's body. A series of solid roots maintain the flytrap's connection to the Kouba's body near the waist. The flytrap itself extends from an inch above the knee to about a foot above their head, and is usually kept closed to about the shoulders. The interior of the flytrap is somewhat spacious, aloowing little freedom at the legs, barely enoguh to run, yet a bit more at the bicep, enough to form handseals.

# Psychology – The Kouba all possess unique, eccentric personalities. Almost every one of them also has a duplicate personality, often it is said the second personality is their plant half of their conscious coming to the surface. Those who manage to escape the split personality disorder, and some who have it, are often insane and/or bloodthirsty. There is one psychological trait no Kouba can escape, though some can suppress it for the most part, which is cannibalism, for the human body contains a vast array of nutrients for the Kouba and without those nutrients the Kouba must root occasionally to draw them form the soil. Another inescapable trait for them is a loner nature, for few enjoy the company of more then one or two people, and each and every Kouba has a photographic memory.

The Experiments done on them have allowed them to be able to merge with plants and use extreme versions of mokuton. They can not use Fire release and they cannot be a taijutsu specialist.
Due to the harsh climate a Kouba is unable to bear the extreme temperatures of either Suna or Yuki without proper training in Climate Resiliance.

Clan Jutsu:

Clan Information:

- Clan Training :: The children of the clan are taught by their parents

- Population :: 50-100

- Nature//Values :: They respect all plants but not much else
- Clan Symbol :: A large green Venus flytrap with a forest around it

Additional Information:

- Clan Founder :: Unkown

- Relationship :: --

- Clan Political Structure :: The Kouba have no true government, for they’re a disjointed group of individuals, yet they do have a few rules remaining from the times of old. The main rule is that no outsider is to learn any of their jutsu, one may not share the secrets of a single jutsu to an outsider. The penalty for sharing the Kouba secrets is the shedding of their blood and stripping them of their flytrap. The Kouba generally remain inactive and hidden in the shadows, save in times of war or any time where corpses can easily be found. Their main roles in the wars are that of assassins and spies, for their skills are readily available in stealth and assassination.

- Important Members :: None
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PostSubject: Re: Zetsu Bloodline ((Complete))   Wed Sep 15, 2010 12:40 am

I don't see anything wrong with this, nor anything that goes against what we've seen from Zetsu.

Works for me.



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Zetsu Bloodline ((Complete))
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