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 Bringing Down The Beasts Among Beasts

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Akumu Kaguya
Akumu Kaguya

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PostSubject: Bringing Down The Beasts Among Beasts    Thu Sep 16, 2010 7:09 pm

The mist began casting over his head. His white hair standing out to most but for some looked natural, it got colder, Akumu's blood thinning as he stood up. He rubbed his hands together the friction heating him up a bit. The man grew bored awaiting the small boat to come pick him up, he was about to start swimming if that was the case. For the boat was taking him to a remote are where an extremely large fish was lurking. The mealodon, the biggest shark known, and the rarest shark as well. For this shark was said to be prehistoric, but supposedly there was one left. One shark that would finally suffice the Mizukages request for a big, strong shark. And the Megalodon was big and strong to say the absolute least. It was easy to say that this was not going to be an easy task for Akumu but with that he would also have to destroy this beast as fast as he could for if the shark knew that he could be killed by the kaguya the shark would most likely flee the waters of off the coast of Kirigakure. Akumu laid flat on his stomach, hungry, needing calcium. The beginning of the bonebullet tipping off at his finger he aimed it right on the crown of the water. Three small fish lining up in a perfect row, the bone released from his finger piercing through the heads of the three fish and stopping once hitting the ocean floor. The dead fish sank, and minutes later returned to the top of the water, where Akumu picked them up in one lunge. He stood up cradeling the three fish and swallowing them whole one by one. There wasn't a lot of calcium in the fish, maybe none at all. Anything that would fill him up would suffice his staration. He needed to be full for the up coming ritual, which for the most part he was looking forward to. It was the ritual that would making him an unstopable, and unpenetratable force. As he finally ate the last fish, the fin slid down his relentless lips, as he slid his tounge across them. He smiled, even though he was bored awaiting this ridiculously late boat. But Akumu was always early so he never knew the difference of late and perfectly on time. He rolled his shoulders a bit as his eyes pierced through the mist hearing the boats bow clash against the waves. The man steering it was skinny, a brownish shade of skin, a small ricemans hat rested on his full head of black hair. The man grabbed a rope that was attached to a rail on the side of the ship, and tossed it akumu's way but before the rope could face the air resistance and begin to fall, Akumu shot his arm forward clasping on the rope, The man looked tpwards Akumu about to jump off and attach it to the dock. "Theres no need for that i can make it onto the boat without you having to tie it up sir." Akumu threw the rope back on the boat faster then the man could blink. And as he threw the rope he jolted forward approaching the boat slapping his palm on the flat surface of the boat, flipping forward his feet landing on the wooden floor of the boat. "Well shall we start this little voyage of ours?" Akumu questioned behind the man.

The Mans Eyes widened, unknowing of Akumu's speed. He stopped and nodded, slightly drifting off to the side where he rang a bell towards the front of the ship, notifying the ships leaving. Akumu hated the sound, and calmly awaited for the man to hurry the trek towards the megalodons location. In which moments later the engine started up, and the rutter began to spin starting the ships leave. The ship could fit over 15 people easily but it wouldn't possibly fit the large megalodon, so it was immenent that the shark would have to be hooked to the back of the ship. Basically towing the shark would put a grin on Akumu's face, but what made him happier was the fact that he would get to see the faces of the Kiri ninja as he dragged the shark through Kirigakure. Akumu chuckled as he noticed the thickening, he heard some splashing in the water beneath him. He questioned what the splashing could be he hung over the side of the boat in the direction of the splashing when all of a sudden something emerged from the ocean, but to Akumu's surprise it wasn't a shark. But none other than his handy dandy skeletal monkey summon, Kangohei. The monkey shook around getting the cold water off of his bones screeching. "Chill out Kang, Sheesh its just water." Akumu said while smiling. The expression of the monkey was literally a pissed off look as he flicked some water on akumu. He sighed as he walked towards where the boatmen was steering, and past his little station. He got to the back of the boat and looked at Kirigakure get engulfed by the mist as everything around him thickened he could barely see Kangohei who was perched on his left shoulder. "Hmph" He thought as Akumu walked towards the front of the ship once again. It took almost an hour for Akumu's patience to finally wear out. He walked towards the boatsmen with haste. "Where the hell are we going, and why is it taking so long" Akumu said as he placed his palm on the entrance of the area. The boatsmen smiled, and chuckled, "Were going to the layer of the beast my friend, you think this shark is gonna sit right next to our harbor and wait for us to pick him up" The man said with a raspy old voice, as he began to continue "Your not exactly lucky to go on this trip, for it is the reason why most of our ships have been sunk, why countless lives have been claimed, Know one has been known to kill it, but the only thing that can kill it, is its self, from old age!!" The man shouted with a burst of laughter. Akumu chuckled at how much of a maniac this guy was.

Akumu cracked his knuckles as the drifted near a cave's mouth. "Dont let the dreary cave scare you, for the shark stays out side of the cave, and lingers until someone is stupid enough goes in there thinking that he is gonna be cornered, but really the people who go in there are Cornered!!!!, AHAHA" The boatsman said laughing hysterically. Akumu looked around thinkig that the shark was gonna lunge out of the water at any second, "How are we going to get it out of the ocean, or even know where it is" Akumu questioned, "Simple we just throw a large piece of Bait!!" The man shouted as he went into the boats storage and pulled out a large peace of foam in the shape of a big seal, he ran to the front of the ship stopped and released the foam like a giant frisbee. The large piece of foam darted through the now clearing mist, for the sun was coming out. It landed a good ten feet away from the boat clashing against the water, making a rather large splash. "This is how you catch all the Big FISHH" The man shouted as he began trotting to the storage area once again pulling out a bucket the size of him, "Carry this thing Young ONE!!" The man shouted as Akumu walked towards the bucket lifting it up, it had a good amount of weight on it, but no match for Akumus strength. Akumu stood there awaiting orders, "Well Hurry The fuck up and throw it in the water!!!" Akumu sighed as he threw the the buckets containing liquids into the water. "What was in that bucket?" Akumu asked as the man busted out laughing, "Its called CHUMMING the water freakl!!' He yelled. Akumu cut his eyes sitting down pulling out a cigarette, sliding it into the mouth, and lighting it with a rather large lighter, almost scorching the entire cigarette. He inhaled and expelled the large cloud of smoke resembeling the mist of Kirigakure, he smiled tipping a small hat forward on his head to block out the sun, tired, and now awaiting for a large beast to emerge out of the water so he could get on with his work. "Are you sleeping?! GEt the FUCK up!" Akumu laughed at the mans crucial words, but listened, and followed none. He was gonna sit and smoke until that rather large shark appeared. He really hated waiting but he didn't care if he got to sleep and smoke a little bit, but sooner or later he would grow hungry, and he would have to eat, but he knew that the fisherman wouldn't mine being eaten by akumu. Akumu chuckled at the thought, and continued his smoke.
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Bringing Down The Beasts Among Beasts
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