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 As if it were that easy...

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PostSubject: As if it were that easy...   Sat Sep 18, 2010 1:10 pm

Smoke rose from Konoha the city was in flames after the attack. Who could have done this? Why would they do it? The only thing Tenshi knew was this attack would not go un-answered, whoever performed this assault wouldn't get off easily. The first thing to do was to join some sort of resistance group, or join another organization. If Tenshi could win the hearts of his people, the land could be retaken, but this was only a slight chance for Tenshi's recent attack on the Sand was a failure he would need to prove himself as a leader, and as a shinobi of Konohagakure. For now he would wander the world no where to go only having one purpose to retake Konoha.

Tenshi stood on a large Oak tree overlooking The Land of Fire's grand forest. He wore his ordinary Hokage robes and hat his long black messy hair covered his eyes. -Now where to go...- He thought to himself as his looked at the manificent forest area. He jumped out of the tree, and landed on the forest floor softly by using his chakra. This was not the end...

Tenshi began to walk East to the shore maybe there he could get a boat, and leave. The Land of Waves was nice...
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As if it were that easy...
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