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 K an K (ask author to join)(offrpg)

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PostSubject: K an K (ask author to join)(offrpg)   Sun Sep 26, 2010 2:30 am

Kamoku was quite happy. He and Azami had reached Konah for the very first time. The pleasant weather was good on Kam's warm skin. Konah's wind was completely ideal and bored Azami. Unlike the heavy wild winds in Suna, Azami just had to glide for miles, hardly beating her large wings. Soon they saw the great village itself. Kam leaned forward quickly, his mouth open. " Whoa! the buildings are made from metal!!!" Azami dove down out of the sudden weight change and took some time to get back up. " watch where you're shifting! We could've died!" Azami screeched at him, her voice rolling through the air. " Yeah right, you're too good at this to die."

They soon landed(wit passports) in the messenger pivot. Kam left Azami there to sleep for a bit and would clean the dirt from her later. He hopped off of the high ledge and nimbly jumped onto the numerous wires and poles stringing through the village like a giant spider. Kam laughed. " I assumed all villagers placed their wires underground, guess i was wrong." He thought. He soon hopped off and landed in the middle of the food market. The vendors full and lively. The crowds hopping from one to another. If a village deserved to be called a city, it was this one.
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K an K (ask author to join)(offrpg)
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