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  Clan Rules (W.I.P)

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PostSubject: Clan Rules (W.I.P)   Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:04 pm

Clans in the naruto world are shown to differ, from a group of people who posses a specific ability and a group of people who posses a specific jutsu. Here at Naruto Divinity we like to open up the difference. Bloodlines or Kekkei Genkai's are somewhat rare, thus we do not want every single person who joins having their own. Under the guise "the clan died out long ago..." There have been shown to be several canon clans in the manga. Each village will be able to have up to six clans on their own. Some of these clans will be from the manga/anime and others will be custom made by our members. Though the amount of custom made clans a village can have is all dependant on how many canon there are shown. Please understand one thing, we are splitting the clans up based on whether or not they have a Bloodline, or at least as close as we can get to one. Thus clans like the Nara and the Akimichi Clan will not be counted because they use "Hidden Jutsu's" and are not so much born with a Bloodline. I will elaborate on how this works further down. For now to see which clans belong to which village and how many custom slots are open in each village please refer once again lower down in this post. Details on each clan can be found in the respective village sub-forum in this area. (Note for the time being only the 5 main villages will be counted.)

What makes something a Kekkei Genkai

There is a difference between a hidden or clan jutsu and having a bloodline. Some of the more clear examples we could find would be something along the lines of the Nara's shadow jutsu or the Akimichi's body expansion Jutsu. Others outside of this clan would certainly be able to learn these jutsu's. They are just hidden within the clan and passed down from generation to generation as a close secret. If someone were to obtain the jutsu or to be taught it by someone inside the clan, they would be able to learn it. While these type of clans are still recognized as clans here, these are not the type of clans that are limited in number. An example of a Kekkei Genkai would be more so the uchiha's sharingan or the hyuga, byakugan, where fighting like them is impossible without the specific trait that they have, that is the crucial difference.

How to start a clan?

To start a clan you can simply post a application in the customs section. Though a clan only fills in the custom slot if it is a kekkei genkai, not a hidden jutsu. Thus a hidden jutsu would

1.) Not be a jutsu that has roughly 3-10 effects on a person

2.) Consume chakra the way any other jutsu it's rank would

Clans that do fill up the custom slot will have bloodlines. The clans here work on a first come first serve basis. Meaning if you want to join a village, but don't like any of the kekkei genkai clans there, you have to go to another village with an open custom the slots. There may be a way to replace village custom clans but for now lets pretend they are permanent. Once you make the application it can be approved my a moderator or admin. Though an admin has to have the final word to have it added to the custom jutsu list. Now people who join can use your clan as well. If the clan uses a hidden technique and not a bloodline, it can be approved by a moderator and then you can be on your way. Though please be reasonable for a jutsu.

Can Kekkei Genkai's and hidden jutsu's transfer?

For the most part yes, you can transfer a kekkei genkai, depending. Hidden jutsu can also be learned by other players. For instance some bloodlines can be transferred, like the hyuga byakugan or most other dojutsu. Others on the other hand are impossible to be transferred to another person such as. The kaguya clan's bone manipulation or Haku's clan ice manipulation. So overall this happening depends on the bloodline in it's self. There will be further rules on transferring kekkei genkai in the future.

Hidden Jutsu can also as stated above be learned by others. But it's a hidden jutsu meaning that it's existence isn't exactly common knowledge. Meaning in some form to learn a hidden jutsu a character must obtain scrolls on it, either by killing them and taking it (if they carry it with them). Or by having that specific person teach you a jutsu. Also to use a specific kekkei genkai you do need to start in that village. Though eventually you can also leave a village holding that jutsu or that bloodline and go to another. Effectively to some degree transferring a bloodline.
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Clan Rules (W.I.P)
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