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 Mataki Clan

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PostSubject: Mataki Clan   Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:28 pm

Clan Name: Mataki

History//Legend of the Clan:

The Mataki clan is one of the world's most oldest clans. In fact, it has existed for so long that nobody really knows it's true history, and many legends and tales have been passed around. Even the clan members don't know the true history, for it is said that whoever learns it will have the power to use the Mataki Clan's Kekkei Genkai, and steal anybody else's Kekkei Genkai. Now many people know whether this is true or not, but the oldest clan members can confirm that it is false.

The Mataki clan's true history is printed in a journal of the founder, Mataki Akira. Akira wrote in his journal every day, and he eventually wrote several letters to certain family members (whose decendents would become faction leaders in the clan) about the clan's history. To this day, only three of those seven letters remain, and even these letters have been decayed and worn away in the sands of time. However the journal entries that Akira made are still entact. From the information in the letters and the information in the journal, the Mataki's History can be deducted as follows:

The Mataki clan was founded more then 4000 years ago by Mataki Akira, the Jinchuuriki of Kyuubi. Being the Jinchuuriki fo Kyuubi, Akira had huge amounts of chakra. In all of history, though it was not officially recorded, Akira was one of the only people to gain mastery over Kyuubi. Because of this, Akira and Kyuubi's chakra merged to create a new kind of chakra. By some unknown means, this chakra was genetically passed down to Akira's decendents, who eventually became the Mataki clan.

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:

The Mataki clan possesses a special kind of chakra that was created when Mataki Akira's chakra and Kyuubi's chakra merged together. This chakra is green in color and can be shaped and formed by Mataki members. The chakra, while not as powerful as Jinchuuriki attacks and defense, can successfully defend a Mataki member when used as armor, and is quite powerful when used to attack. A downside of this, however, is the fact that no Mataki member may have a bijuu sealed inside of them. If a Bijuu is sealed inside of them, the Mataki clan member will die and the bijuu will gain the member's chakra (making it more powerful).

Stage 1 (Chakra Creature)
Starts With

In Stage 1 the user has a slightly larger chakra supply (about twice as much). This allows them to pull off more complicated jutsu easier.

In Stage 1 everyone has green hair, resembling their green chakra.

Stage 2 (Chakra Beast)
Must train in a 750 word topic by yourself, and must be trained by a clan member knowing at least stage 3 (NPC or PC) in a 500 word topic.

In Stage 2 the user is able to coat their arms and legs in their green chakra, enhancing their punches and kicks, as well as their speed. This also increases the defense of their blocking (in a situation in which somebody is punching and they raise their arm to block.) When the chakra is coating their limbs they do not get twice their chakra supply.

Stage 3 (Chakra Demon)
Must train in a 1500 word topic by yourself, and must be trained by a clan member knowing at least stage 3 (NPC or PC) in a 750 word topic.

In Stage 3 the user is able to coat their body with chakra, enhancing their body speed, attacks, and defense. When chakra is not coating their body they get three times their chakra supply.

Stage 4 (Chakra God)
Must train in a 10000 word topic by yourself, be at least A-Rank, be trained by a clan member knowing this stage (NPC or PC) in a 7500 word topic, and must receive one of the Mataki sacred swords (unless you are a Missing Ninja)

In Stage 4 the user is able to keep their chakra inside and outside their body (gaining the advantages of both three times their chakra supply and the +attack, defense, and speed.) Only three people have been able to do this: Mataki Akira, Mataki Hiro, and Mataki Hunter.

Mataki Hunter using Chakra God ^

Clan Information:

- Clan Training :: The Clan members are trained by clan tutors.

- Population :: 817

- Nature//Values :: The Mataki clan valures strength and Honor above all else. They are all very skilled in Kenjutsu.

- Clan Symbol ::

Additional Information:

- Clan Founder :: Mataki Akira

- Relationship :: The Mataki clan is on good terms with most ninja countries.

- Clan Political Structure ::

Everyone Else

- Important Members :: Mataki Akira
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Missing Nin
Missing Nin

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PostSubject: Re: Mataki Clan   Wed Oct 13, 2010 2:00 pm

Denied. Merging with the Kyuubi's chakra is a huge no-no. And, besides, the bijuu's chakra (depending on the seal) mixes in with the jinchuuriki's, which allows them to have more control over their transformations if they have not yet learned to fully master their power. So merging to create a new chakra would be impossible.

I assume "Mataki" will be the name of your new character, so I came to a conclusion that if this kyuubi chakra fusion thingy were to be approved, it would allow you to automatically become the kyuubi's host. Correct me if I am mistaken.

Sure you can have 'special' green chakra, but any bijuu influences must be removed. At the moment, the whole clan is like a custom version of the bijuu transformations themselves, without the influence of an actual tailed beast.
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Mataki Clan
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