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 Sitting alone, or maybe not. (OPEN) [TALK/FIGHTS]

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PostSubject: Sitting alone, or maybe not. (OPEN) [TALK/FIGHTS]   Mon Oct 25, 2010 11:00 am

The winds blew, with a cold breeze along its wings. Kiero was sitting right there in the valley of end, where two famous shinobi's all of time fought. They even had statues placed in the valley of end, facing each other. And if you look at it, you would be able to relieve the legend right before your eyes. Somewhat Kiero felt a slight nostalgia. Well maybe because Uchiha Madara is his ancestor. Afterall Kiero is an Uchiha like him, very much like him. " Hmmmm..." he silently mumured. Nobody was there to keep him company, he was all alone. He's not afraid of an ambush, but would certainly like one. Action hadn't hanged out with him for a long time, and he knew he was in a good shape. Yet he would rather have someone to talk with, someone interesting, that it wouldn't bore him. All around him, different animals we're watching Kiero. Birds, squirrels, deers different one's. They watched him curiously, as if thinking what why is there a shinobi here. In this lonely and abandoned area of Konohagakure. Time will tell. He allowed the wind carry the strands of his hair, it waved along with the wind, gently yet swiftly. Suddenly he stopped, he felt someone was coming towards him and he awaited.

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Sitting alone, or maybe not. (OPEN) [TALK/FIGHTS]
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