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 The time has come

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PostSubject: The time has come   Mon Nov 01, 2010 3:56 pm

Hayato landed on his home’s roof while several paper sheets were flying around him. After forming his body back to normal, he took off some tiles from the roof, which collapsed into paper. He then opened a secret door-like emergency entrance to enter and after he jumped in, he used again his paper to cover the roof with fake tiles.

He was upstairs into his room. He opened a big wooden closet and took one huge gray backpack and a light napsack, which he rolled and tied in a cylinder way. He opened several drawers and picked up several ninja tools. He filled his backpack with clothes, underwear, a tiny first aid kit and after getting into the bathroom, he picked up his toothbrush, toothpaste, a soap and some towels. After that, he went downstairs into the kitchen and filled some pockets of the backpack with snacks and food. He also got one two metal rods, a collapsable pot. The huge backpack looked very heavy.

Hayato went upstairs again into his room and wore a white robe with a hood and his falcon mask. He opened a scroll on his desk and placed the backpack on it. After casting a few handseals, the backpack disappeared in smoke. He then closed the scroll and put it on a pocket which was bound around his waist, together with his origami alternative paper and his ninja tools. He wrote two different letters on two scrolls and sealed the one of them. Hayato then went downstairs and looked around him for the last time.

He closed the backyard door behind him and walked between the large cages to say goodbye to his so loved falcons. He opened a cage and bound the smaller non-sealed letter around the falcons leg. "Please give it to my parents. I would be very pleased." He said taking off the mask so the falcon could recognize him. He put his falcon mask on again and set off for the Tsuchikage’s office.

He reached the building and entered into the office using a secret entrance. The Tsuchikage was not inside, so Hayato placed his ANBU gear and his mask on the large table, as well as the sealed scroll. He then silently left a tear flowing through his face.

1st letter:

2nd letter:
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The time has come
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