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 Naethyn Kaodachi, Complete

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PostSubject: Naethyn Kaodachi, Complete   Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:09 am

Basic Info
Name: Naethyn Kaodachi

Nickname/Alias: Nae

Age: 23

Gender: Male
Important Family Members: -

---Alone: When Naethyn is alone or by himself, whether it be in battle or not, he is very in depth with the things around him. He is a very complex thinker and when it comes to battles he could see an easy end soon but with free will and all, his plans never end the way he wishes. He has a very statistical advantage with him being what most people refer to as an "Idiot Savant" all though he doesn't have Savant syndrome, he is just very knowledgeable in things like math.
---With a Few: When Naethyn is with a few people, surprisingly enough, his personality changes quite a bit. When Naethyn is with a few people he will try to show off and become very cocky, always trying to be the best out of the group. Part of this is because of how is father treated him as a child. Naethyn becomes very extroverted in a conversation with a few people because he knows when he voices his opinion it will be heard and acknowledged. However, he just doesn't want to be "himself" in any amount of groups of people.
---In Groups: When Naethyn is in a group of three or more people, his personality changes greatly. Naethyn because introverted and only speaks when spoken to or about. He mostly forgets about the way he is smarter then half of the people he is talking to and begins to get very antisocial because with more then three people he can't stand the back and forth talking and a complete unknown topic that came out of no where.
General Appearance

Basic looks
---Head: Naethyn has a small like head that has a darker shade of skin than the rest of his body. He has medium length hair that is twotoned black and a darkish grey, however the grey meshes in with the black that it makes the hair appear to be fogging up. His grey eyes are very wide and his eyebrows which are a nice black color are trimmed thin yet wide at the base\. His nose is flared, naturally, but not to a point where it is something that people notice automatically. His plush, plump light red lips. Naethyn has a nice defined chin and jawline that leads right up to his perfectly shaped ears. Naethyn has a short thin neck that has a black tattoo on the side that is the Kanji letter: 落 which means Falling. The tattoo symbolizes Nae's imagination as a childhood falling from grace. Naethyn also has a Monroe piercing, which is a piercing just to the right of the nose on the upper lip. Made of the same steel as the lip piercing, Naethyn has another piercing similar to Pein's, however it is a singular ear piercing on his left ear that goes from the cartilage on the top to the lobe on the bottom.
---Chest: Naethyn's chest has a small frame for a person of his age, his chest which is defined enough to where there is 0% body fat. Naethyn's left nipple is about three millimeters above the right one and no one has really noticed that. He has a large birth mark on his back which is shaped like a human heart, not the shape. His shoulders are strong and almost define his posture as he slouches slightly but because of the way his shoulders formed they make it appear that he is not. Naethyn's abdomen shows slightly as he flexes. His waist cuts into that semi-"v" shape that falls onto his legs. His arms are thin and very dexterous and quick. His hands are slightly big for his small frame.
---Legs: Naethyn's leg hold up his upper frame quite nicely. His thighs are slightly larger then his calves, and this is slightly noticeable. They are paler than the rest of his skin and his calves are quite toned. Naethyn's feet are small and yet somehow he can maintain perfect balance at all times.
Height: 5"7

Weight: 136 lbs. or 61.68 kg or 9.71 stone
Preferred wardrobe: Naethyn loves hats because hats can explain the emotion you are in to a T. Naethyn loves bright colors and loves having loose shirts on.
---Face: Naethyn usually is seen wearing a top hat with a red ribbon tied to the base of it. A black decaying rose is tucked into the top of it. His Kirigakure headband sits at the base of the hat with the ribbon. His purple eyes are shaped with three thick dots underneath both eyes made with black eyeliner.
---Torso: Naethyn is caught wearing a bright, flamboyant shirt usually in cool colors such as teals and warm purples. Naethyn’s shirt is almost always loose and baggy and is completely flawless in stitching as well as fit. Naethyn’s shirt, though, has a spot that shows his tattoo. His wrists contain steel armbands that help deflect projectiles. Naethyn has a ring on his left thumb that translates into “Kenjutsu Master.”
---Legs: Naethyn is usually seen wearing tight black pants that allow him to run without any wind friction. Naethyn mostly wears bamboo sandals.
Extra Features: -

Bloodline Information

Kekkei Genkai: Hiton, Light Release, Light Manipulation

Description: Hiton, or Light Release, or the element of Light, is a technique developed specifically by the Kaodachi Clan. The Hiton Release is not a combination element as it is an element that lays along with the shinobi's main elements. The Hiton Release allows the clan to do multiple things one is the ability to do Light element based jutsus or techniques that involve the Light Release. The Hiton Release also allows the user to bend or manipulate the way Light works.

The Hiton Release allows the clan to do many a thing however the manipulation of light can be varied and creates a ton of abilities that Kaodachi clan created. The Hiton Manipulation ability allows the clan to do things such as move the light in an area, creating altered lighting in the field. The Manipulation also allows the clan to do "mirror" type techniques. The Hiton Release also allows the Kaodachi clan to sense light in the area, this ability sounds useless but pays off in some of their jutsus.

Physical Traits No physical traits, however most Kaodachi shinobi wear sunglasses for a reason.
Ability Overview
Name: Light Release: Light Manipulation (Hiton Soujuu)
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Hiton
Clan: Kaodachi
Description: The Kaodachi clan developed this technique based on the Light Release this technique is the foundation of most of the Kaodachi Kekkei Genkai jutsus. This technique allows the user to manipulate the Light in the fashion that they want. However even though this is a C Ranked technique, some abilities that this parent jutsu created are B, A, and even S Ranked. This technique has all the abilites of the Light Release Kekkei Genkai, such as sensing light, and being able to create it.

Name: Light Release: Lightbulb
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu, Supplementary, Defensive
Element: Hiton
Clan: Kaodachi
Description: This technique requires knowledge and knowing of the parent jutsu: Light Release: Light Manipulation. By using the parent jutsu the caster can draw Light from the sun, or from the area that they are in and create a "lightbulb" wrapped around his hand. This jutsu can be blinding when put directly at the eyes, the user can control this by releasing a little bit of energy at a time, however if the jutsus purpose is to blind more energy can be added making this jutsu very bright. This jutsu can be useful when entering a cave like area or traveling at night.

Name: Light Release: Light Sensing
Rank: C-B
Type: Supplementary
Element: Hiton
Clan: Kaodachi
Description: This technique requires the knowledge and knowing of the parent jutsu known as Light Release: Light Manipulation. This technique allows the user to sense light from a distance of about twenty five meters away. However at B Rank, this technique is near mastered and can sense light from about fifty meters away. The Light Sensing works in a similar way as Chakra Sensing however not to the extent of a Doujutsu. The Light Sensing can sense the light given off the human body that the naked eye can't see, the light is given off with the heat which creates a way to get around smokescreens or mist jutsus. This also allows the caster to fight in blinding scenes after using other defensive/offensive jutsu.

Name: Light Release: Complete Darkness
Rank: C-B-A
Type: Ninjutsu, Offensive
Element: Hiton
Clan: Kaodachi
Description: This technique is another jutsu that requires the knowledge and knowing of the parent jutsus: Light Release: Light Manipulation. By using the parent jutsu the shinobi casting this technique can draw out all the energy in one section. By drawing the light energy out of a section, you create a single area that appears to be darkness; because the parent jutsu focuses on manipulation, this technique makes people outside of the area see that there is nothing going on. This technique lasts for two posts at C Rank, three posts when used at B Rank, and four posts when used at A Rank. At C and B Rank this jutsu can draw out the light from a small battlefield about thirteen meters tall and ten meters radius. This jutsu at A rank doubles in size as well as chakra usage. Because the human body gives off heat as well as light the Hiton Release can sense the light like chakra.

Name: Light Release: Flashbang
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Hiton
Clan: Kaodachi
Description: This technique requires the knowledge and knowing of the parent jutsu known as Light Release: Light Manipulation. This technique concentrates a ball of light energy into the casters hand and gives them the ability to throw it down at a battlefield, or disarm it like a paperbomb. This ability lasts for about one post after it is cast. This technique is very good for surprising. When this technique is thrown it disarms automatically once hitting something. When this technique is rolled constantly touching the ground it can be disarmed like a paperbomb.

Name: Light Release: Refracted Surface
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary Ninjutsu
Element: Hiton
Clan: Kaodachi
Description: This technique requires the knowledge and knowing of the parent jutsu known as Light Release: Light Manipulation. This technique utilizes the ability to manipulate the light waves. The caster is always performing this jutsu when it is active so it is constantly draining chakra. This jutsu is similar to a known genjutsu without the massive chakra loss. This technique bends the light waves and makes an object or place or something appear as though it isn't there. By doing this the lightwaves bend through the object instead of around it making it appear transparent.

Name: Light Release: Clone
Rank: C
Type: Bushinjutsu
Element: Hiton
Clan: Kaodachi
Description: This technique requires the knowledge and knowing of the parent jutsu known as Light Release: Light Manipulation. This is one of the greater techniques of the Light Release. This technique creates a Light Release Clone which will reflect the light that is bouncing on that particular object or person at the moment to create an indentical clone. The clone is made of physical properties, ie light. However because Light isn't tangible like Water or Fire would be this clone can cast a jutsu without being interupted, however the downside to this technique is that the clone is only good for one ability, whether it be Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, etc. The clone dissipates and leaves a small white trail of light.

Name: Light Release: Mirrored Surface
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu, Defensive
Element: Hiton
Clan: Kaodachi
Description: This technique requires the knowledge and knowing of the parent jutsu known as Light Release: Light Manipulation. This is an advanced technique with the Light Manipulation. Using the wind or air in the atmosphere as a physical surface, the caster bends the light to appear as though it is a mirror. This technique can be used to mirror something further away and use it as a defense. This technique is mainly defensive.

Name: Light Release: Temporary Blindness
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu, Offensive
Element: Hiton
Clan: Kaodachi
Description: This technique requires the knowledge and knowing of the parent jutsu known as Light Release: Light Manipulation. This technique requires very unique management. The caster creates a small concentrated ray of light which has the ability to stun the victims corneas when stared at for one post.

Rank and Skill Information

Village: Kumogakure no Sato ~~~ The Village Hidden in the Clouds

Rank: Jounin
Letter Rank A
Group affiliation None yet, however Naethyn will look for a Genin team he can lead.

Specialties: Ninjutsu
- Main: Ninjutsu
-Sub: Bojutsu
-Combination(Must have admin permission)

Advanced/Secondary Skills: Hand to Eye Coordination

Elemental & Jutsu Information

Elemental Affinity

Primary Element Suiton ~~~~ Water
Secondary Element Katon ~~~~ Fire
Advanced Element Hiton ~~~~ Light
Combination Clan Element is under Advanced


Jutsus will all be in a post under Jutsu Creation.


History/Rp Sample

Rp Sample:
~~This is a RP Sample from Naruto X~~
Naethyn was not one to desert the village he cherished so very much; Cloud was home to him and his clan, and if his clan saw him: they would surely have his head. He wasn't sure what to do as far as he knew he was ranked as missing now. Missing at Chuunin, B ranked, wasn't a threat to cause villages to watch out for you, but it meant something to Naethyn showed that he had the maturity that it took to leave that god forsaken village. Kumogakure was just too easy going and the Raikage did nothing but sit on his fat lazy ass. Uchihas were no good, anywhere.

Naethyn had been roaming the roads, his Kaze Soujuu had helped him travel because he could easily steal food from stands and quickly steal money without being noticed. Wind was such a common element in everyday life that no one noticed a little extra push. Naethyn was starving; not a food stand in sight. He quickly manipulated a wind current to carry him before he started running out of chakra, and fast. He noticed what looked like a small village and two men talking. He quickly ran...hobbled over to them and then collapsed before them, a long travel and with almost no food or chakra: Naethyn would die. Naethyn summoned enough energy to stand and soon his appetite left him and his stamina increased minutely.

The first man had been identified as Kyogi, but Naet wasn't completely sure of his name. He was bulky and built like a war machine. He held a sword that looked like it could carry itself, it was massive and it seemed that the sword had been leaking chakra. Naethyn was amazed by the strength this guy seemed to muster up just to hold the massive weapon. Naethyn looked at the other male and noticed strength and a nice amount of chakra for what appeared to be a genin. Naethyn just decided it would be best to not do much to even try to piss them off.

"Can I trouble you for some food?" He tried asking the man with the large, erm, weapon and decided it was best to be nice and not cause trouble for someone who, Naethyn knew by looking, had enormous amounts of Chakra.

Naethyn was born on May 11th, twenty three years ago. His parents of the Kaodachi family were very proud of their son, they finally had a boy, someone to carry on the name of Kaodachi. Naethyn was very interested in Shinobihood as a child, he loved watching his parents go outside and practice the Kaodachi Light Style. Bending and manipulating light is something that Kaodachi children show at a young age, however it isn't noticable as a normal jutsu would be. Naethyn's parents, Mai (Mother) and Cheet (Father) were always watching Naethyn, making sure that he was very good and never caused mischief. This is where one of those traits about never speaking until spoken to comes in. When Naethyn turned two he was put under a high sedative and woke up with his Falling tattoo. The tattoo represented people who were in Kaodachi clan, however it wasn't the term that the tattoo stood for it was the placement of it. One Kanji letter on the right side of the neck. When Naethyn turned three he found himself moving, they lived in a shack, more or less, at the rivers of Kumogakure where no one but training shinobi were. Naethyn grew up friendless until he turned about five.

Naethyn had moved up to the hills of Kumogakure where everyone else had lived. He was desperate to make friends, he was tired of being this introverted, antisocial kid. He was walking through the village when he saw some kids running around and he quietly, unnoticeably, watched them and tracked them throughout the village. Soon they caught on to his charade and stopped and jumped high in the air, They were Shinobi. was all Naethyn could think before they landed and soon he was surrounded by Academy students. Naethyn already had one friend who lived in the river area and yet he never saw him as of late. These kids were a year older than him being their first year in Academy they were nine. They threatened him with kunai before they all started laughing and soon they were Naethyn's first friends in the upper level of Kumogakure.

When Naethyn turned Nine he was enrolled into the Kumogakure Academy for Training Shinobi. He was told by his parents that this is where he would learn the most basic of skills and he did not want to be left out. He loved the academy as he began learning the techniques that Chakra can do, the power that a shinobi can have, how someone can go from a weak little academy student to a strong prepared Jounin. Naethyn was never at the top of his class although he strived for it. When it came to make a Bushin clone and practicing our first form of Bushinjutsu, Naethyn made the clone in almost perfect form, however his clone then made a clone and Naethyn's first clone had disappeared. What took Nae awhile to realize is that he made a Light Release: Clone and then that clone made a regular clone. Naethyn couldn't stop laughing about it the whole day. Naethyn had prepared his first Light Release jutsu the bane of his clan.
Naethyn graduated the academy at number seven in the class, not in the top five, but in the top ten, he was glad that he had made a huge impact on his life just by doing this.

Naethyn joined Team 13 as a genin, his Jounin leader had been Urika Sensei. Over the first couple of months with their sensei the Team had learned to get along and work as a team and not as an individual. This was helping Naethyn with leadership skills and he was very interested in going on a out of village mission. Their first mission was C Ranked Mission: Save the kitty! The Raikage's daughter's cat was stuck in a tree and because the Raikage had been short on missions he gave it to them. They were to figure out if the cat was still in that tree and if not they were to track it. Naethyn came in handy on this mission because his Light Sensing ability was able to track the heat on the cat's body, and he was able to see how the heat went from the first tree to the lower sanctions of the river. When Naethyn was down there he saw his old friend from his Infancy. He looked and noticed he was dead with a kunai in his heart. This is part of Naethyn's strive to be a great shinobi. Naethyn took the steel armbands that his friend wore and wore them in replacement of his arm wrap. This showed his loyalty to him. Naethyn wanted to avenge his friend but never got the chance as a Genin.

Naethyn proceded to go on to the Chuunin Exams, which this year were being held in Konohagakure. Naethyn had yet to learn his second element, but had Light as an advanced element so he was unsure of how the final battle part of the exam would go. During the Writing Exam, Naethyn answered seven of eight questions right. He was proud of himself, using his Light Mirror Jutsu to copy answers from the smarter students, the questions were conundrums, he soon found that out. Questions whose answer was that of whatever you could make plausible. During the Forest of Death Exam, Naethyn was paired with his Kumogakure team from his Genin years, they were to find two scrolls that were to be placed at a lighthouse of some sort. Their team split up and found both the scrolls within a few minutes, with no major detours, however we were the third people to arrive at the lighthouse, just making the deadline. During the One on One Exam, Naethyn was put against a Leaf Shinobi, he was strong and Naethyn used strong Water Release techniques to "cool him off." Naethyn and this man ended up being the only tie because Neither would tired out they were both running low on chakra. Naethyn during his Chunnin career was given a mission to find and kill a B Ranked Criminal, the Raikage had ranked this mission low for a reason specifically for Naethyn. Naethyn set out on the mission and soon found out that the criminal was the one who killed his friend. Naethyn found the man, put on his sunglasses, and used his Temporary Blindness technique on a large scale, blinding the man permanently. Naethyn threw a kunai at his heart just as he did to his friend and Naethyn eroded the body away with a water release. The Raikage accepted that as a Mission Complete.

Naethyn was promoted to Jounin later in his Chuunin career by the Raikage as a result of him learning his second element: Fire.
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Naethyn Kaodachi, Complete
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