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 The Local Tavern (Open to all...)

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PostSubject: The Local Tavern (Open to all...)   Thu Jul 15, 2010 4:43 pm

Kimi entered the tavern, dressed in her everyday wear. She had her headband tied to her arm, and a few weapons in plain sight. It wasn't normal for a Jounnin to be in the Tavern at this time of day... but as long as no one said anything; she figured it would be alright. She moved to the bar and sat on the uncomfortable seating, and ordered a sake. Once again for a jounnin to be drinking at this time of day is weird to any spectator. But Kimi had, along boring day ahead of her... Might as well do something to take her mind of things. The Tavern was dingy but well maintained and despite the odd heavy drinker, was a nice atmosphere. Except the fact that some of the people here were obviously ANBU at one point... And some appeared to be from other villages, despite the headbands. Some people should not buy and wear souviners from other villages...
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PostSubject: Re: The Local Tavern (Open to all...)   Fri Jul 16, 2010 6:05 pm

Naethyn awoke that morning, his body craving something liquid. Nothing solid. Food was his mortal enemy right now. He couldn't bare the pain as he got out of bed and quickly dressed, the faster he changed the quicker he could go to a bar.

His black trimmed top hat stood proud with a white Camellia and red ribbon, he left his Headband at home but didnt pay any mind to it. His puffy bright red shirt was covering up his upperbody as his black pants hugged his waist line. He wore black sneaker like shoes and slowly entered the pub.

He walked up to the bar and asked for a shot of Patrone.
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The Local Tavern (Open to all...)
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