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Missing Nin
Missing Nin

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PostSubject: hOkey0Q   Sat Jul 17, 2010 6:23 pm

Clan Name: ►hOkey0Q◄

History//Legend of the Clan:

It turns out the clan has no legend behind it because nobody really knows about it other than the sole member of the clan. The reason that there is only a sole member of this clan is because he is the creator the founder and the make of this clan by tampering with his own blood by the use of first tampering with the blood of the dead and eventually the living in order to find out how to work this bloodline. However everyone and every body that was effected with his prototype bloodline has been destroyed.

The clan was born of an intelligent man named Kitaro November Eleven. He was working on an experiment when he cut himself with a small knife accidentally. Of course he was only 10 at the time and though a master ninja he still made mistakes. Anyways the inspiration for the clan came when the blood splattered everywhere in the room and Kitaro thought of the effectiveness of using that natural splatter of blood as a weapon. Because if everything that blood touched was harmed or even better destroyed that would be an incredible weapon. So he began working on his blood weapon.

At first he began working on the first part of the blood. The explosive stage. Or rather as it should be called the explosive type. Anyways this explosive blood was created by tiny micro-bots that Kitaro had created using tiny bits of metal cut with a laser device in the Konoha laboratory. Once the blood had been infected with this Kitaro ran into a problem after injecting a live criminal with the blood. As soon as it began to flow it blew itself up. So he spent some time working on that and he made it so that the simple sound of a high pitch whine too high for the human ears to ear attached to his fingers would be the only trigger not just impact and movement. So whenever his fingers rubbed together they would explode. However when he tried it the first time on a live specimen when he snapped his fingers and the noise was made the entire body exploded not just the blood outside the body. So he had to decrease the sensitivity of the hearing of the bots so that they could only hear outside of the body what the noise was. Next he had to make a limited range so that his blood in some random place wouldn't explode So he made the range 55 meters. And completed his explosive blood bots.

Next he began working on the acid bots. Acid stage. The Acid type blood-bots. He worked on these in the same way however the deaths of the victims were more gruesome when he failed. Once injected for the first time these acid bots dissolved the body bit by bit with their eating and spewing high powered acids and melted the man from the inside out. So he had to turn them off naturally and begin working on how to stop activation which he did find fairly quickly. So his next expirimentation was more of a success as it only activated leaving the body but it burned the air and caused small pathces of lack of everything and burned through things too quickly the skin being one as it fell upon exit. So using this he worked on making them work better and dissolving and an activation switch on the other hand. His left hand controlled the explosive bots and his right hand controlled the acidic bots. The acidic bots could be activated and then the explosive bots but not the other way around. The bots were combined and then put into the blood that Kitaro would eventually inject into himself after one more experiment.

Finally Kitaro put together the blood and hired a man to completely transfuse his blood. Emptying him of every bit of blood other than what he already had before. Then he began training on how to use it and after about 2 years in the background working on these techniques out in the woods he perfected how to use it in his combat style and from then on has made it a part of killing anyone who was a hard enemy to fight against. Which is not too many opponents anymore but Kitaro considers it one of the greatest honors he can bestow to an enemy, killing them with his secret weapon, the blood. The hands of Kitaro were then outfitted with special jutsu

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:

The Kekegenkai is simple. This is blood combined with two sets of micro-bots. One with acid and one with explosive devices. The effect of the acid bots can be used and then the effect of the explosive can be used afterwards. While if the explosive is used first the acid cannot be used. One drop of the explosive blood is equal to 1/2 pound of C4. While the acid is 10 base which can eat through anything that it touches. However it works as it drains Kitaro's blood and after losing enough of it he will pass out and after much after that he will die. Certain jutsu can be used because of this involving the manipulation of the blood using handsigns and special censors that were inserted into his hands for him to use his jutsu involving blood and high pitched noises on different frequencies. The censors of the hands allow handsigns to control his blood if he does them correctly.

Clan Information:

- Clan Training :: None specified as the clan is not a unit but a 1 man deal.

- Population :: 1

- Nature//Values :: The clan has no overall views as Kitaro is the only known member of the clan.

- Clan Symbol :: None as Kitaro hides that he has a kekegenkai ability

Additional Information:

- Clan Founder :: Kitaro November Eleven

- Relationship :: This is a non political clan as it is a sole member type of thing.

- Clan Political Structure :: There is no public politics of the clan.

- Important Members :: Kitaro November Eleven
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Ryusaki Toketsu

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PostSubject: Re: hOkey0Q   Sat Jul 17, 2010 10:19 pm

I'm placing this under the hidden jutsu area, to avoid filling a custom clasn spot..and you needing to move to a village. RP out the transfusion, and I will watch you closely, but I'm curious how this would work...Approved I guess
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