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 Sakurai, Sara (Done)

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PostSubject: Sakurai, Sara (Done)   Sun Jul 18, 2010 7:03 pm

Basic Info

Name: Sakurai, Sara


Age: 21

Gender: Female
Important Family Members: M.I.A

Personality: Sara is polite, and a soft-spoken intellectual. she rarely shows any sign of alarm or distress and often has entire situations planned out well in advance. Whenever confronted, Sara is casual and uncaring, attempting to draw out a conversion and make small talk, which often infuriates the one she is talking to. Sara's patners also claims that they follow Sara because she has no fear, something which they find inspiring. Other people occasionally follow Sara for reasons unique to themselves, such as her old genin friend, who followed Sara with the hopes that she will eradicate the world of all evil.

Sara is quite a serious person, her mind always on the task at hand, her senses always very much alert. She will crack a joke from time to time, but if it is not received correctly she will likely punish the listener(s). This also highlights her chaotic and unpredicatable characteristics. This makes her dangerous as both a foe and a dangerous ally. Her determination and stubborness are strong aspects of her personality, never wanting to leave a job unfinished. This is fueled by the killer within her, almost like another being in her boy, or just one crazed woman.

General Appearance

Basic looks

Sara's dark blue green eyes are exsentuated by her very young facial features, beautiful complection, perfect pale skin skin, and incredibly long flowing purple hair. Even when tied up into one long ponytail by her white ribbon it still seems to fall well below her waist and her midnight black dress. A look of pure coldness and stotisism is always marked across her face as if it were etched in eternal stone.

The clothing choice of the Kunoichi is rather odd to say the least. To cover her full body she has but a tight fitting black dress that hugs her every curve perfectly and stops at the half way mark of her thighs. Unlike most female ninja she has a full adult body and did not stop half way through puberty because of what some idiotic emo kid told her about how she looks and should act around others.

Around her small neck she wears the only thing she has on her person that is just for accessory, her onyx embedded necklace that she had since she graduate the academy. She has her hands decorated with two black gloves that she uses for two very necessary purposes, to keep her hands safe from harm during hand to hand combat and to of course hide the seal of her clan that she bears upon her right hand.

The two purple leather like straps that are in fact unbreakable are there to hold up her sword which like the mark covering her right hand is clan related. It was bestowed upon her as she became a genin and graduated the academy as a signification of becoming an adult. She wears it on her lower back and some nieve would even say over her bottom and uses it with her left hand, but is more proficient with it in the right.

-Thanks Kuroden

Height: 5'3

Weight: 100

Bloodline Information

Kekkei Genkai: Sakurai

Description: The Sakurai clan is an honor-bound clan based in the Cloud Village. They tend to be pale skinned and dark haired, though variations occur. The common eye color of the Sakurai Clan is silver. Once they have proven themselves to the clan, usually through becoming a genin, all members of the Sakurai clan have an 'x' shaped, permanent scar cut unto their body somewhere. This scar is most typically located on the cheek or the forearm. This is a ritual symbolizing their passage into adulthood, and no other members of the clan can question their adulthood. All members are given a Itosen Dagekimi after they become adults. The facial features of the Sakurai clan are generally soft and smooth.

The Sakurai have a tremendously strong sense of honor and dedication. There is no greater shame in the Sakurai Clan than to turn your back on a commitment or goal. As a lesser-known and honorable clan, they have a burning desire to prove themselves in comparison to the great established clans of the ninja world, such as the Uchiha Clan. In fact, the Sakurai Clan is known for its conflict with the Uchiha Clan in an effort to prove itself better than them and settle their feud. The feud with the Uchiha Clan is probably the only serious one in the clan’s history, for it stretches back several generations, to the very creation of the Sansuegan. The dispute with the Yamanaka has put the only other disputes the Sakurai clan is engaged in, stemming from an alleged conspiracy in which the second in command of the clan is said to under mind control in an attempt to overthrow them. No evidence was ever found, and the feud was dropped, though grudges still simmer.

The powers of the Sakurai Clan are derived from their frightening Kekkai Genkai, the Sansuegan. The Sansuegan is a powerful doujutsu that branches away from the powers of other techniques. Most other abilities grant the ability to see and discern chakra. The Sansuegan, however, forgoes this. The Sansugean instead focuses on the ability to perceive, study, and predict the world in completely accurate and realistic ways. For this reason, it has earned it’s other nicknames, such as the Future Eye, and the more well known nickname, the Truthful Eye, derived from the ability of the Sansuegan to see through deceit.

Clan Symbol:

Clan History: The Sakurai Clan began twelve generations ago, as a tribe of ninja living on what is now the border between Fire and Thunder: Claw Country. The clan grew and after five generations, the head of the clan wed a woman from what was then the Uchiha Clan. At the time, the Sakurai Clan possessed a bloodlimit doujutsu, the Arkairaigan, which gave them sight across vast portions of the EM Spectrum. When mixed with the Sharingan, it created the Sansuegan we know today. The clan prospered as a result of their new bloodlimit.

The clan was nearly wiped out two generations later by an Uchiha raid, who had a long festering grudge against the woman who brought the Sharingan outside the clan. The modern day feud between the Sakurai and the Uchiha is a result of this. The Sakurai then settled into the Cloud Village for protection after the massacre. Slowly, the clan began to rebuild. It has regained its former strength now, seven generations later.

However, the clan today is much smaller than it used to be. Clan Head Sakurai Raimaru believed that the large population and informal gathering of the Sakurai Clan lead to their easy defeat by the Uchiha. He created a tight hierarchy within the clan, establishing honor and dedication as the guiding principles. The current head of the clan is also named Sakurai Raimaru, and is the grandson of the one who established the modern Sakurai structure.

The population of the Sakurai Clan declined and leveled off since then, with two main portions of clan: The Inner Compound, and the Outer Compound. The Inner Compound lives in the Sakurai Compound in the Cloud Village. The Outer Compound technically lives at a Compound established closer to the land of Fire, on the border of Thunder and Claw. The Outer Compound holds a bigger grudge against the Uchihas, and is generally a harder group of individuals than the Inner Compound. Recently, the Sakurai Clan has been considering expanding into surrounding Countries, such as the Snow.

Rank and Skill Information

Village: Kumogakure

Rank: Jounin or Higher if Possible
Letter Rank A
Group affiliation Unknown

-Main: Ninjutsu, Doujutsu (Clan)
-Sub: Kenjutsu
-Combination Unknown yet

Advanced/Secondary Skills: Chakra Control

Elemental & Jutsu Information

Elemental Affinity

Primary Element Lighting
Secondary Element Earth
Advanced Element ...
Combination ...

History/Rp Sample



Sara was born on a datethat is unknown to and men, or women who even spoke or knew her. From the very start of life, Sara was hindered with ill-fate, her mother not surviving the long and drawn-out birth. Of course, the medical system in those days was not nearly as advanced as it is now. Sara was brought up by her father. A single parent who worked as a shinobi for the village, he had hardly any time to spend with his daughter. It was perhaps this period of time that, subconsiously, Sara learned that she had to primarly take care of herself, forsaking others. Though the young girl did yearn for more attention, she dearly looked up to her father, wanting to be as strong as he was one day.

After three or so years, her father had earned enough trust and respect amongst the elders of the village that he could step down as a shinobi and spend time with his daughter. At last, Sara had someone who would be able to spend time with her and teach her about her clan, and how to use the clan abilities. Of course, being somewhere between three and four years old, Sara was perhaps not so consciously aware of this change, but she was clearly much happier when her father was around more often. At the age of seven, the young girl expressed a desire to learn more about the world of the shinobi, one which she had coveted for some time. Her father was happy to teach her some of the basic things he himself had learned, and some of the clan techniques, and before long she was admitted into the academy.


It seemed Sara had indeed learned to fend for herself in those early years without her father, her classmates and peers clearly far less important than her progression in the academy teachings. She made few friends. Sara never really gave them the appreciation they deserved, only because they never deserved it at all, because her and a kid name Kitaro fought a lot back in the days. Her teachers were rather amazed with how hard the young girl worked at her studies, practicing more regularly than most of the other students. However, it became apparent that Sara's beliefs in 'looking out for only herself' had developed into something less pleasant. When faced with a problem she found difficult to overcome, she often stole the ideas of others to present as her own. In practical skills this was impossible to do, but she generally excelled in that area.

The young academy student became known as somewhat of a prodigy amongst her elder peers. They were not aware of how little paperwork she actually did, and were mostly impressed by her practical skills - the one area of her study that was indeed her own work. Sara found herself in a comfortable position in the academy, favoured by her peers and developing quickly. She still lacked social skills however, now left with only a couple of friends since she always acted on her own not excepting anyones help. It didn't really bother the young girl, especially as the exams were fast approaching. When the day arrived, Sara more or less walked the exams and graduated with ease.


Sara just became a Genin which made her and Adult so they said in her clan. Sara's father had her meet him in an hold temple, it was a temple built for the day a child of the Sakurai clan became an adult. As she arrived her father aaited at the bottom of the long circular stair way, He held a blade in his hand the blade wa known as Cazador Vicioso. Sara, who already knew what to do held her fist out in front of her father, with two quick and painfull cuts Sara was an adult. These cuts on her forearm, that was form in a "X" Shape, represented an adult in the clan known as Sakurai.

Later on the next day Sara had her next mission her first one it was to meet her teamates. She ventured out from home early in the morning, they were supposed to meet in a open field a place Sara suposed was a great place to train as a team, or was it for her own needs, either way it was a good place to train. She stood by the tree silently waiting on her comrades to show there faces. When her teammates finally dropped down from the trees she meet the 2 other genin that would form her team but she didn't really care about them enough to make any attachments to them or even so much as remember their names.

Well their Jounin Sensai arrived late, this disappointed her thinking that all of this genin work she was gonna do was gonna be a joke. When they all settled in together as a team their sensai announced that they were going to have to go through a second exam to make sure they were worthy of their headbands. This challenge required them to find atleast one headband that was hidden among the forest, He also stated there would be a surprise awaiting if they found a "real" headband laying around. Which Sara cought automaticly that there was many hedbands three were real and the others were fake and set up around traps. If this misssion was failed they had to go back to the academy.

Sara refused to go back to the academy, she would not let all his training go for nothing. Her and her teammates struggled constantly to get the a headband and were badly injured by one of the traps they came against, but that didn't stop either on of them. Sara just stood up and continue to walk as if nothing even hit her. It wasn't long before, Sara came across a real headband, she went at it the first chance but she quickly snapped and notice there was a trap set up around it. She was right, it was trapped with three different traps. Sara ran into the traps knowing there was no way of dodgeing them so she drew her sword, the sword her father gave her, the sword ever clan member recieves as a genin. Sara cut and defected all the traps and with a snap she had finally grapped her headband, when she returned to camp with her headband around her waist. She noticed her teammates wasn't there yet. So she went to sleep soon to wake up to a team and a Jounin, her sensai, standing over all of them saying " You all passed. " with a smile on his face.


After that they were officially a team. They went on many missions, trained many days, Sara mostly trained alone, and slept many more days. A year after they became a team the Chuunin exams were coming, and Sara's team was to be apart of the exams. Her Sensai said they were going to take part in the exams so they could become chuunin. When they got to the examination building it was time for them to take the first part of the exam. Sara vividly remember part one of the exams it was a written test, when she found this out she was slighty happy knowning it would be easy. Sara passed the first exam without any problems though it was a trick cause by the last question they annouced they passed without even checkin the exam papers. A test to see if they can handle a minor test under pressure and they could. Soon after the second part of the exam began, it was a survival exercise, they sent all the genin from all the lands that passed the first part into konoha's forest of death. They were all in their teams and were given 1 of 2 scrolls, the Heaven or the Earth Scroll, the goal was to reach the tower in the center of the forest with both scrolls and open them but they must not open the scrolls before they reach the tower or they fail.

Sara's squad recieved an Earth scroll which Sara was intrusted to carry. When they entered the forest Sara thought that they should go straight to the tower, knowing they will find people with the scrolls on their way to it. Her temamates agreed and they went on. A day passed while they were in the forest before they found anyone. They were set up against a team from the hidden sand village, Sara easily cut them down to size and took their scroll which luck had it was an Heaven Scroll which they actually need. They made it to the tower without any problems, they were the 5th team to arrive.

They opened up the two scrolls in the tower and their sensai appeared in front them and told them they passed the second half of the exam. The next day, after eatting a good meal treated by the sensai, they were brought to a huge stadium in konoha, there were only 24 genin left from the hidden Leaf, Sand, Earth, Star, and Grass Villages.

The final part of the chuunin exams was a tornament, anyone who showed qualities of a good chuunin here would be promoted. Jin's whole team was ready for this, they won each of their fights elegantly unfortunatly his teammates were taken out before they reached the finals. Sara reached the final round she was faced up against a Konoha Shinobi, the battle was long and hard. Sara was breathing deeply and was tired as her opponent smiled aand licked his lips. Soon he rushed young Sara, and prepared to strike when Sara was about to block he moved so fast he was standing behind her without giving her enough time she was stabbed threw the chest. Blood ran down her body like a river. The crowd went silence. Sara she closed her eyes and saw a bright light. She saw her Mother. Her mother spoke with a beautiful tone. " Sara, You did good I'm proud of you, but the battle has only just began stand and win this fight you can do it." With those words Sara was standing her eyes still closed a broken bleed with her blood on it in her hand. The rebirth of Sara had began.

Sara eyes open her wound gone as if it never happen. Her eyes look like a storm was awaken inside of her. Cherry Blossums began to fall all round Sara and the Konoha Shinobi. Sara smiled this time as the kid stood in shock. Soon a dark cloud rolled in and with one strike of thunder the kid was down knoc out could with Sakuras surounding him. This dance was known only to her clan members, Sara has beeen awaken and so was her clan abilities. The crowed roared with joy and Sara was pronounced victories. She had now became a Chuunin of Kirigakure.

The Begining of The End:

When Sara's old genin squad became chuunin they were supossed to be a team on their own but they went their seperate ways. One of them took up guard duty at the village gates while the other starting working for the Anbu Squad. Even his Jounin sensai took up a new genin team, Sara was left alone to take care of herself, but thanks to her past she was fin e with this. Soon after her father died of a heart disease. This threw Sara into a world of turmoil within her own mind, she fought between the Joy she had with her Father and The Sorrow she had when her mother Died. Now That her father died, the sorrow she felt began to return. As a chuunin she went out alone on solo sneaking missions.

Soon the Jounin exams were coming and Sara felt somewhat happy that she might meet her old teammates again, but before she went to take the exams she had one last mission it the land of fire. She was to complete a solo sneaking mission once again, but this mission required her to take a book of secret from the hidden leaf village. Her mission went off without a hitch except on her way back she accidently opened the scroll and read the knowledge in it. She learned many things from that book.

When she returned to the village she found out that their was a intruder while she was gone who killed the gates guard, one of her old teammates, but the killer was captured by the ANBU. The ANBU cornered him when he tried to set off explosives but they backfired and killed him. When the intruders body was brought back to the medical lab for testing there was a bomb in his body that set off killing one of the medical ninja. Sara started to return back to her old ways were she didn't care knowing that she had to defend her self now and days. A Few das past, and Sara took the Jounin exams and passed them easily and there were no objections to what she could do. After that day she walk Kirigakure with no emotions and with a sarcastic way, yet she still protect her village but herself more then anything training harder to become stronger.

Dysfunctional Requiem:

Sara was 18 years old when she became a Jounin, the only person she still knew was her old sensai who she talked to every know and then, Whenever they bumped into eachother at the town square. Sara went on many missions, trained many nights and days. She grew stronger each and everyday. Three years past after her Exam and she was know 21 years old and she was a beautiful pale woman. She was not a force to be fucked with and almost everyone in the village knew that....Or did they. ^.^

Rp Sample:

Sara was walking near by when she seen the Anbu and Chuunin walking. " Hum...." She was readin a book as she was walking and then she walked towards them and put the book away, into her jacket. " You are Anbu leader, David and you are a Chuunin of the Sand known as Kuba, Am I right. Hum..." She begin to think as she looked at there emotionless just thinking and walking. She thought of a scripture in the book she read. " David, Do me a favor when you report back to the Kazekage tell him of my arrival. If you don't know who I am i shall not speak no more, I will just most likely have your Anbu rank removed beause you dont know a lengendary woman was standing before you." Thats all she said and then she walked and said nothing she just pulled out her book and begin to read again as she walked away from the group. Sara was always like this, and if she wasn't reading she was sleeping, and if someone was to disrupt her sleep and/or reading she would most likely attack them. Sara was calm all the time, and at the same time lazy, she also had another personality that she head, only few know about it. Sara continued to walk, leaving the group in her dust as she read her book and left the area.

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Clan's Jutsus:

Sara's Weapons:

Clan's Kenjutsus:

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Sakurai, Sara (Done)
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