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 Maikeru Shikyo

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PostSubject: Maikeru Shikyo   Tue Aug 31, 2010 12:38 am

Basic Info

Name: Shikyo. Maikeru

Nickname/Alias: None

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Important Family Members: None, the Shikyo is a Minor Clan.

Personality: Maikeru is usually described as an oddity. He usually acts differently around different people, and as such, many believe he has multiple personality disorder. Normally around people he knows and trusts, he is fun loving and carefree. He laughs a lot, tells jokes, and pokes fun. He is loyal and caring, and those who become his friend enjoy his company. Around people he doesn't know, has high respect for, or doesn't trust, he has a cold and uncaring demeanor. He takes things logically and straightforward, thinking this a sign of respect and dignity.

To people he feels superior to, but does not consider his friends, he is often snide and rude. He picks on them and usually points out various flaws. He enjoys foiling other students plans, and is often considered the teachers pet for getting most things right, and proving others wrong. When alone, or people he cares very deeply for, his TRUE personality comes out. He is actually a sad and troubled kid, who often worries about the future, and even sometimes cries openly when he thinks no one is watching.

General Appearance

Basic looks Maikeru looks very average, except for a few features. He is pretty tall, but not to the extreme, and is relatively thin. His hands are thin and fragile looking, and his legs are long and spindly, although its usually hidden. Due to his KKG, he has the ears, eyes, and tail of a fox, and his hair is a bright red to match the fur on them. His eyes are a golden color, and are a bit rounder then most. His hair is long enough that his bangs can reach the tip of his nose, but short enough that his eyes are easily seen behind them.

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 180 lbs

preferred wardrobe: Maikeru wears a set of clothes made of a special fabric with steel threads sewn into them, making them a light armor, while not adding to much weight. It consists of a white, sleeveless undershirt made of cotton, and a vest made from the steel cotton as he calls it, with a collar extending halfway up his neck and the hem reaching past his waist. On both arms he has a "sleeve" made of the steel cotton that runs from his elbow to his wrist, bound tightly at his elbow, but hanging loosely at his wrist. His pants are normal, but are also made of the same fabric. He prefers not to wear shoes of any kind. The vest, pants, and sleeves are usually the same gray color, but he also has a red set and a blue.

Extra Features: His eyes and ears are that of a fox, and he has a three foot long fox tail.

Bloodline Information

Kekkei Genkai: Shikyo, the Poison Blood

Description: This KKG is a special enzyme that allows the members of the clan to survive a poison designed to break down your DNA. Due to this, Members of the clan are poisoned at a young age, and while their DNA recovers, they splice animal DNA into it, allowing their body to obtain around three characteristics that affect their senses. The poison also lingers in the blood, so if their blood is consumed, the poison can wreak havoc on the person who consumed it.

Physical Traits In Maikeru's case, he gains the Ears, Eyes, and Tail of a fox, greatly increasing his Sight, Hearing, and Balance, and by extension his speed.

Ability Overview No additional abilities.

Rank and Skill Information

Village: Kirigakure

Rank: Genin
Letter Rank C
Group affiliation None


- Main: Ninjutsu
-Sub: -
-Combination -

Advanced/Secondary Skills:

Elemental & Jutsu Information

Elemental Affinity

Primary Element Fire, C rank
Secondary Element -
Advanced Element -
Combination -

Jutsu (If they All don't fit, put in another post)

Name: Fox Flame Jutsu
Rank: C
Classification: Ninjutsu
Element: Fire
Requirements: The user needs at least 15% of their max Chakra availible.
Description: The user expels and ignites their chakra from their mouth, turning it into a green flame. This fire is half as hot as normal fire, and does very little damage, but it does burn their opponents chakra at a rate specific to the rank of the jutsu. This fire is easily doused with any water, or by smothering it. E: Flame is sustained for 10 seconds, and chakra is burned at a rate of 5% every ten seconds. D: Flame is sustained for 20 seconds, and chakra is burned at a rate of 5% every ten seconds. C: Flame can be sustained for 30 seconds, and burns chakra at a rate of 8% ever ten seconds. B: Flame can be sustained for 45 seconds, and burns chakra at a rate of 10% every ten seconds. A: Flame can be sustained for a full minute, and burns chakra at a rate of 12% every ten seconds. S: Flame can be sustained for two minutes, and burns chakra at a rate of 15% every ten seconds.

Name: Fire Claw Jutsu
Rank: D
Classification: Ninjutsu
Element: Fire
Requirements: The user needs at least 5% of their max chakra available
Description: The user expels and ignites their chakra from their fingertips, creating an inch long flame on their fingers that add to combat power. Can burn flammible objects, and casts a bit of light.

History/Rp Sample

Rp Sample: Neko tasted the air. Two men, about fifty yards northeast, hiding in the bushes. He could hear the faint scraping of metal, as if shuriken were being drawn. Neko tasted it again, and found a fainter scent above him, heavily masked by mud and leaves. Again, the faint scraping of metal. At once, the two parties threw three shuriken each, with deadly accuracy. He sprinted forward, hearing the clang as the two groups of shuriken collided. He spun in the air, releasing three of his own shuriken, which spiraled towards the attackers. As he heard them being deflected, he skidded to a halt, then jumped into a nearby tree. He closed his eyes and perked up his ears. The faint whizzing of thrown weapons grew faintly louder, and he leaned back just before the group of kunai was to hit him. They solidly sunk into the tree. He grabbed them, and used them to flip backwards, so his feet met the trunk of the tree. He pushed off, jumping towards the nearest assailant, the one in the tree, and drew his own kunai... (hope you dont mind it taken from Naruto X)

History: Maikeru grew up in a normal household in Kiri. He was born in May, the first of five, and spent most of his early life and young children do. When he was of age, he entered the academy, and soon passed with flying colors, and became a genin. It was here his life took a tragic turn. His mother and father both were attacked by assasins hunting someone else, and the attack left them ravaged and unable to provide for his family, so he took over. He was unable to develop as a ninja for many years until one of his syblings could take over some of the workload. It is only recently that he has been able to return to being a ninja after his graduation, and has been training ever since.
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PostSubject: Re: Maikeru Shikyo   Tue Aug 31, 2010 12:40 am

Sweet, another member for mist!



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Maikeru Shikyo
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