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 Daedra, The Conjurer (FINISHED&READY)

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Hybris Kinkotsu no Kaguya

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PostSubject: Daedra, The Conjurer (FINISHED&READY)   Fri Jul 16, 2010 11:12 pm

Basic Info

Inmetsu, Daedra

"The Conjurer"



Important Family Members:
Mehrunes Dagon

Daedra is a considerably valuable asset to her clan, and thus she is praised as such. Her personality revolves around a very simple and basic principle of life. To survive, one must do so. Murder is not known in her vocabulary quite yet, as she has not been exposed to the harsh atrocities that the world around her has to offer, nor has she traveled outside of Sunagakure to experience any of the harsh assets that would be considered extremes otherwise. Her father, Mehrunes Dagon, is the most powerful Inmetsu Conjurer in her clan, and he plans to teach her many things.. When the age approaches that is.

For her age, Daedra is unbelievably mature and bright. She is respectful and admirable. She looks up to anyone that she believes worthy to do so. Few heroes exist in her memory, but she hopes to discover those whom she looks up to most. However, one should never mistake her kind and unwary attitude for the mistake in which they should anger her or spark her ferocious side. She can be a wonderful little girl, or the most bloodthirsty person you may or may not know. For safety, she must sleep with ankle-chains and wrist-chains at night to keep her clans spiritual embrace from releasing itself during the time she is dreaming. Calm and aloof, she formally stays quite while in public.

General Appearance

Basic looks

Daedra is a considerably beautiful individual. That is, you could see that if she ever took off her hood. Her clothing style revolves around that of a darker, more goth-like critique. Among this, her clothing on a daily basis is:

A dark black hood that covers her face, and hides her multi-colored pupils from the world.
A black shirt that zips unto the hood. This shirt is long, and stretches down to Daedra's mid-thigh area. Her shoulders are lightly cascaded with a buckled set of cloth-weaved shoulderpads that are clipped and tightly buckled behind her back. Under these shoulderpads and clothing however lies a very stiff and stout, but very thin layer of mithril metal. This metal is incredibly light, but unbelievably durable. Her collar is wrapped with markings of her clan, and a small pendant that hangs from the middle, where her chin is located. The pendant is also mithril, but is used in conjunction with her clans abilities.

Her hair is multi-colored as well, and is beautifully seperated between a light red and a dark black tint. They partially match her pupil's eye color, which consist of: Right eye: Red; Left eye: Silver. Her eyes are also used in conjunction with her clans abilities.

Her leggings are very dark fishnet stockings that basically cover up her skin color, which is a very light shade of pale. Her shoes are actually long-boots that stretch up to her knees. They are cascaded with gray lining and red markings that are engraved into the stitching. These markings on both her torso and boots glow when a conjuration is in process.

Daedra can be commonly, and ALWAYS seen carrying around a round ball of sorts, that is a dark gray shade, and has red markings all over it. This orb is the very foundation of her clans ability, and formally can be introduced as the clans.. Limit. This orb's markings will glow exceptionally bright when a conjuration is in progress.

4' 11"

89 Lbs.
Preferred wardrobe:
This section has already been explained.
Extra Features:
Although it is explained, her clothes markings and her eyes would spark an interesting feeling in anyone's mind.

Bloodline Information

Kekkei Genkai: Inmetsu (Destructive Conjuring)

The clan was created and introduced to the world by a Daedrath named Mehrunes Dagon, whom is also the father of Daedra, the clans "Princess". This kekkei genkai's abilities can be described very swiftly and can be understood even by the dullest examples. They can conjure special weapons, armor, and use fire and conjuring spells using an orb to summon otherworldly abominations such as zombies. Of course, there is a limit. Every spell that is used is directly linked to the caster, which means if an S-Rank Fire spell is unleashed by the user, approximately half of the damage would be directed back upon the caster. In other words, an S-Rank Fire Spell would give the caster a C-Rank burn, but this is only if it hits the enemy. This is because the Inmetsu Flame is very much different than the natural Fire element that is presented in the world, and burns with a more intense feelings. (This is NOT as hot as amaterasu, nor is it anywhere near it. It simply burns faster, more intensely, and has a considerably higher burning feeling upon contact. It is basically a higher degree of fire.)

Physical Traits
Variation between the color of both eyes. For example, Daedra's eye colors are Red and Silver.

Ability Overview
This clans formal abilities do not consume chakra. Only abilities linked to the Inmetsu clan that are above C-Rank consume chakra.

Burning Touch: Deals a small portion of burning Daedric Fire damage to a single target. The user must touch the target anywhere on the body to invoke this type of ability. (D-Rank)

Weakness to Fire: Target is inflicted with a 25% weakness to Daedric Flame for 1 post. The user must touch the target on the torso to invoke this type of ability. (D-Rank)

Flash Bolt: The user will first hold the orb in one, or both hands. This determines the damage level of 'Flash Bolt'. If one hand is on the orb, the orb will let out a practically bright flash in an attempt to blind the foe before a small fireball is fired from its core. This fireball is leveled D-Rank, and its element revolves around Daedric Flame. If two hands are on the orb, the orb will let out a larger, brighter flash in an attempt to blind the foe before a small fireball is fired from its core. This fireball is leveled D-Rank, but consumes the chakra of a C-Rank technique due to its elemental instability. Once the user is C-Rank however, 'Two-Handed Flash Bolt' is considered a D-Rank technique and consumes no chakra.

Conjuration - Summon Minor Entity: The user will hold the orb in two-hands. This will invoke the orbs prowess of summoning. A bright flash will occur, and from the ground directly beneath the user, a 'Shade' will begin to form from shadows. This takes a post to occur completely. This spell is C-Rank, but consumes the chakra of a B-Rank technique due to its elemental instability. Once the user is B-Rank however, 'Conjuration - Summon Minor Entity' is considered a C-Rank technique, and consumes no chakra. This shade is controlled by the user, and is not considered an NPC in any way. The shade can productively create a distraction by using its shadowy figure to trick and play games with the enemy. This shade cannot attack, but simply only make it look as if it is attacking. These attacks do not cause any damage whatsoever.

Rank and Skill Information


Academy Student
Letter Rank
Group affiliation
Daedrathites. They are naturally evil, but do not participate in acts of voluntary violence. Contracted killers.

- Main:
Will Be: Majutsushi (The act of Summoning)

Advanced/Secondary Skills:
Mastery of Conjuration

Elemental & Jutsu Information

Elemental Affinity

Primary Element
Daedric Flame
Secondary Element
Advanced Element


History/Rp Sample

Rp Sample:
His father, Gen Hoshigaki was a powerful Shark Priest from Kirigakure, who fell in love with a beautiful girl named Rei Takamatsu. The other Shark Priests forbid marriage outsed the clan, so they both left the village and went missing. They returned 2 years later with Rei highly pregnant, and seeking forgiveness. Although Gen was accepted back in the clan, the other Shark Priests did not allow him to be one again, and tortured him for his betrayal of the clan and the village, giving him scars all over his body. Two weeks later, Rei gave birth to a young boy and because of a very exhausting birth she died. However, the little boys health was not in good condition, and the medical ninjas did not know how to help him. Eventually, Gen asked the Shark Priests to preform The Ritual on him. The Priests agreed, but they told him that he would have to get the requirements for The Ritual himself. And so he went into the sea, searching for the strongest shark, that would make his boy survive. Upon his return, he was missing his left arm, and over his shoulder, a white shark was stretching to the ground. The Priests performed The Ritual, and the young boys physical condition got better, but his mental state suffered severe damage, although nobody could see it at that young age. Eventually the boy would be named Shirosame.

Pre-genin madness (age 6-12)
Entering the Ninja Academy at 6, he quickly gained the reputation of a prankster. Often playing tricks on his teachers and classmates, like putting exploding tags on the bottom of their chair, or pretending to drown on the field trips. The teachers tried desperately to take him out of school, but he always completed his assignments with perfection, despite his nature. In school he was the prankster, while at home, he studied jutsus and read books, so that he would never be treated as a bad ninja. There were no signs of his mental instability at that age. Shirosame passed the Academy aged 10, and was quickly assigned to a team with Hwoarang Uchiha and Mizuki Ryuuga. Around that time his father applied to be a team leader, and was assigned to his sons team.

Gennin, the life and troubles (age 12-16)
Preparing their team for the Chuunin Exams, Gen did not go easy on them, despite his son being on the team. He would often train them for days with no rest, pushing them to their limits. He would also let them fight each other, until one of them collapsed from exhaustion. The team missed on Chuunin Exams, because Gen thought, that they were not prepared for them. So they waited for the next Exams. the week before them, he went easy on them, as a reward, and let them sleep for days, waking them up, only to serve them breakfast. When the Chuunin Exams came, Team Shark, as they called themselves, was on the peak of their strength. Unfortunately for them, the other teams were either stronger, or more experienced with the Exams than them.

Despite their difficulties, they managed to make it to the finals, but instead of fighting, Gen pulled them back, explaining that they were not ready for the much stronger Gennin. Shirosame, being both sad and angry at the same time, did not know what to do, so he decided to spend some time alone. When he came back, after days, he said to his father:"I want to leave the village", and in his min he suddenly started to hear voices:"Why are you doing this? Don't you know your father will be hurt?", and:" Leave fast, and steal some food too... and a mirror, I want a mirror." Those were the first signs of his mental instability.

Missing a piece of mind (age 16)
His father was surprised by his decision, and after a short while he said:" I won't hunt you down, but others surely will." Shirosame understood him... sort of, and decided to leave the village at night. He packed up his bag, taking scrolls with Hoshigaki clan techniques, a world map, some food, and of course a mirror. At his departure, his father was waiting for him at the village gates, with a large blade covered in bandages. It was a reward for his hard work. Shirosame accepted it, thanked him, and quickly ran out of the village. While walking to the harbor, he decided to name the 180cm blade, Fluffy. He sneaked himself on board the ship, that was going to the fire country. He was a missing nin now, a fugitive, a lost soul.

Travels of a lost soul (age 16-19)
Landing in the fire country, he quickly hid his headband to not make people around suspicious, of course, that didn't help much, he had the appearance of a shark. Helping himself with the world map he took from home, he went on to the main city of the fire country. When he arrived, he quickly bought a very expensive custom made cloak from the money he had. He also heard from the local tavern, that a certain Uchiha Satoshi seeks worthy opponents for him. He then left the city, and went to a nearby lake, where he built himself a small cottage. With three years passing, Shirosame has now mastered the Hoshigaki clan jutsus. His Academy jutsus, his heritage and his insanity helped him to survive this rough time. One day, a mysterious masked man appeared, calling himself "The Hermit". He challenged Shirosame to battle. Shirosame accepted, thinking that he was just another fool that was trying to steal from him, and that he would be on the bottom on the lake soon. But instead of winning, Shirosame was overwhelmed by "The Hermit"s Doton mastery, and Iron Fist mastery. Shirosame eventually asked "The Hermit" to train him the mastery of Doton and Iron Fist.

The Hermit accepted, and taught him the basics of both techniques, but the training for Doton took nine months, since Shirosame was not a Doton user. When one day Shirosame woke up, he found a letter from him, telling him:"Good luck with your goals, whether it is to become Chuunin, or to beat Satoshi Uchiha in a battle. Although I might warn you, Uchihas are really hard to defeat. Signed, Hwoarang Uchiha." Surprised at his former teammates strength, Shirosame was now full of confidence, and so he decided to go back to Kirigakure, to participate in the next Chuunin Exams and pass them. Destroying the cottage, and burning everything in it, he set off, through the Fire country, going to the harbor to take him back to the Water country. Once there, he silently and quickly killed one of the passengers, took his ticket and boarded the ship.

Return of a madman (age 20)
Leaving the ship, he was really exhausted from the trip, so Shirosame thought, that it would be best to set up a camp for the night, rest, and continue the next morning. He was awakened the next morning by the sounds of thieves stealing his possessions. He only managed to catch one, and when he did, he killed him, took his trackers, money and great sword with him. He disposed the body in a nearby river. Having lost all of his money, except for the thieves 1,000 ryo, he continued his path to Kirigakure.

Daedra was born in her clans most prominent era. She is the born princess of the clans current Daedric ruler, Mehrunes Dagon. He is the most powerful conjurer the clan has to offer, and it is he whom Daedra looks up to as a true hero. Although this clans natural alignment is revolved around evil, they do this deed for the purpose of support for their clan. They are contract killers, and Mehrunes plans to make Daedra one of them. The time is not now however, as she will need to reach Jounin before this stage is reached. Right now, she walks the streets of Sunagakure, alone and quiet. Currently she attends the Ninja Academy, but she always keeps to herself and never speaks to anyone unless spoken to. And even when that occurs, she naturally replies with small, short answers such as "Yes." or "Not really."

She hardly ever laughs, as this sets an interesting tone for her peers. However they do not make fun of her for what they believe she is, they keep to themselves as well. Fearing losing the respect of her classmates, she never practices her clans barbaric conjuration skills within the boundaries of the Ninja Academy. Still, day by day, she trains vigorously to achieve what her father wants her to strive so perfectly for. To become the most powerful Conjurer in the clan. Using her charming and mature personality, she 'seduces' the minds of her mentors to her will, they honor and respect her. As her actions speak much louder than the actions of her peers. She never goofs off, and she is right to the point. Yet to flunk a single test or preparation, she continues to impress her father with her feats of achievement.

She hopes to become a Genin soon. Very.. Soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Daedra, The Conjurer (FINISHED&READY)   Sat Jul 17, 2010 5:03 pm

Approved actually I misread something in the clan app.
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PostSubject: Re: Daedra, The Conjurer (FINISHED&READY)   Sat Jul 17, 2010 5:34 pm

My approval As well.
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PostSubject: Re: Daedra, The Conjurer (FINISHED&READY)   

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Daedra, The Conjurer (FINISHED&READY)
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