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 A day out from the Office ( OPEN )

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PostSubject: A day out from the Office ( OPEN )   Sat Jul 17, 2010 3:00 pm

Kira walked out of the office. He stretches. " Aghh , Damn how long has it been since i was out? " He asked himself. He starts to stroll down the streets of Konoha. He was bored. Kira wondered ' What is there to do right now? ' Kira walks downtown into a festival currently going on. " This seems interesting " He says. Kira enters a small food shop. " One Shiscobob please " He puts the money down and takes it. " I guess I should see if I know anyone here " He mumbles to himself
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PostSubject: Re: A day out from the Office ( OPEN )   Tue Jul 20, 2010 8:33 am

Zenaku arrives back in konoha after a brutal mission. He thought to himself,

Jeez, what a mission. Who'd of thought that place would of been so heavily guarded?

It was midmorning and the sun could be seen dancing overhead with a large cloudfront moving in. He approached the large gates that surrounded the city with when from nowhere Zen detects movement. He turns and quickly reacts instictively catching whatever projectile it may be with other hand on a kunai only to catch an apple.

Damn you, Josongi!

Zen looks up to see Josongi, his life long friend laughing approaching a distance from the left behind a group of trees. Josongi appears wearing a traditional konoha shinobi garb with matching flak jacket and attire wearing his village forehead protector wrapped around his arm.

Well if it isn't Zenaku Uchiha. Hey buddy? Back already? How'd it go?

Zen, slightly annoyed relaxes and grins.

It went well actually, though more difficult than i initially expected. I have to make my way to the hokage and complete my mission and deliver my report. Tell you what, let me finish that and we'll meet up later, alright?

Sure, no sweat. Take your time.

Zen and Josongi smile the way they did when they were still kids. Zen makes his way through the gates and heads to into the square towards the hokage manor.
As he walked he saw a large festival downtown and decides to stop in a food shop. He stands in line behind another shinobi and hears his order.

"One Shiscobob please"

Zen decides to continue on his way to report his mission results with scroll in hand. He leaves the shop
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A day out from the Office ( OPEN )
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