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 Sakurai Clan

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PostSubject: Sakurai Clan   Wed Aug 04, 2010 9:37 pm

Bloodline Information

Kekkei Genkai: Sakurai

• Description: The Sakurai clan is an honor-bound clan based in the Cloud Village. They tend to be pale skinned and dark haired, though variations occur. The common eye color of the Sakurai Clan is silver. Once they have proven themselves to the clan, usually through becoming a genin, all members of the Sakurai clan have an 'x' shaped, permanent scar cut unto their body somewhere. This scar is most typically located on the cheek or the forearm. This is a ritual symbolizing their passage into adulthood, and no other members of the clan can question their adulthood. All members are given a Itosen Dagekimi after they become adults. The facial features of the Sakurai clan are generally soft and smooth.

The Sakurai have a tremendously strong sense of honor and dedication. There is no greater shame in the Sakurai Clan than to turn your back on a commitment or goal. As a lesser-known and honorable clan, they have a burning desire to prove themselves in comparison to the great established clans of the ninja world, such as the Uchiha Clan. In fact, the Sakurai Clan is known for its conflict with the Uchiha Clan in an effort to prove itself better than them and settle their feud. The feud with the Uchiha Clan is probably the only serious one in the clan’s history, for it stretches back several generations, to the very creation of the Sansuegan. The dispute with the Yamanaka has put the only other disputes the Sakurai clan is engaged in, stemming from an alleged conspiracy in which the second in command of the clan is said to under mind control in an attempt to overthrow them. No evidence was ever found, and the feud was dropped, though grudges still simmer.

The powers of the Sakurai Clan are derived from their frightening Kekkai Genkai, the Sansuegan. The Sansuegan is a powerful doujutsu that branches away from the powers of other techniques. Most other abilities grant the ability to see and discern chakra. The Sansuegan, however, forgoes this. The Sansugean instead focuses on the ability to perceive, study, and predict the world in completely accurate and realistic ways. For this reason, it has earned it’s other nicknames, such as the Future Eye, and the more well known nickname, the Truthful Eye, derived from the ability of the Sansuegan to see through deceit.

Clan Symbol:

Clan History: The Sakurai Clan began twelve generations ago, as a tribe of ninja living on what is now the border between Fire and Thunder: Claw Country. The clan grew and after five generations, the head of the clan wed a woman from what was then the Uchiha Clan. At the time, the Sakurai Clan possessed a bloodlimit doujutsu, the Arkairaigan, which gave them sight across vast portions of the EM Spectrum. When mixed with the Sharingan, it created the Sansuegan we know today. The clan prospered as a result of their new bloodlimit.

The clan was nearly wiped out two generations later by an Uchiha raid, who had a long festering grudge against the woman who brought the Sharingan outside the clan. The modern day feud between the Sakurai and the Uchiha is a result of this. The Sakurai then settled into the Cloud Village for protection after the massacre. Slowly, the clan began to rebuild. It has regained its former strength now, seven generations later.

However, the clan today is much smaller than it used to be. Clan Head Sakurai Raimaru believed that the large population and informal gathering of the Sakurai Clan lead to their easy defeat by the Uchiha. He created a tight hierarchy within the clan, establishing honor and dedication as the guiding principles. The current head of the clan is also named Sakurai Raimaru, and is the grandson of the one who established the modern Sakurai structure.

The population of the Sakurai Clan declined and leveled off since then, with two main portions of clan: The Inner Compound, and the Outer Compound. The Inner Compound lives in the Sakurai Compound in the Cloud Village. The Outer Compound technically lives at a Compound established closer to the land of Fire, on the border of Thunder and Claw. The Outer Compound holds a bigger grudge against the Uchihas, and is generally a harder group of individuals than the Inner Compound. Recently, the Sakurai Clan has been considering expanding into surrounding Countries, such as the Snow.
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Sakurai Clan
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