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 Koneko Clan.

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PostSubject: Koneko Clan.   Sun Aug 29, 2010 9:25 pm

Clan Name: ►Clan Name Here◄

History//Legend of the Clan:

-Recently Discovered-

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:

The Koneko clan is a race of hybrid human/feline creatures. The body of the hybrid is human, but different because of their feline aspects. They have a pair of feline ears on the tops of their heads, a tail, and at times, the clan member can have fangs and very sharp nails, unless they choose to hide it for attack mode. The Koneko Clan have the ability to harness large amounts of chakra in their systems, and the ability to run faster then most humans. Although most of the Koneko Clan is afraid of Water.. They are usually Raised in Kirigakure to rid of their fear.

Clan Information:

- Clan Training ::

3k for each element.
4.5k for each level up of known jutsu.

- Population :: MAX 2-3 in each village.

- Clan Symbol :: -

Additional Information:

- Clan Founder :: Yuri Koneko.

- Relationship :: Unknown.

- Clan Political Structure :: -

- Important Members :: -
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Missing Nin
Missing Nin

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PostSubject: Re: Koneko Clan.   Sun Aug 29, 2010 9:37 pm

This is decent, while I would like a bit more on the ability aspect, for example how much faster are they? How does the body store more charka? And I would assume they are more agile than an average human, if so please explain. also do are they benefited/harmed from the unique senses of feline? Please add a bit more detail for me to get a clearer idea of the clan's skills.
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Koneko Clan.
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