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 Naichi Clan

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PostSubject: Naichi Clan   Wed Sep 01, 2010 7:53 pm


Clan Founder: Hiiro Naichingēru
Clan Name: Naichingēru
Village: Scarttered
Physical Traits:
Pink eyes and a horoscope tattoo on either side of their arm. Their puppets also must have the Christian cross symbol in it as well.

Bloodline: Unmei no megami no dansu (Dance of the fate goddess)

Mastery over puppetry control to an extent whereby the puppet is literally a real person by itself. They are also trained from a young age to use charka strings. People from this clan do not need strings to actually control their puppet, but it requires a level of training before they do that. Due to their long term usage of charka strings, their hands are incredibly strong which enables the usage of projectiles to full efficiency and also have a large mass storage of charka. They area also gifted with powerful brains to calculate many mathematical equations and the like.

Stage one: (Genin, Chuunin)
The person must use charka strings to control their puppets, they aren’t able to be fully bonded with the puppet yet, and that means there is still a lag time before the puppet will move. Their hands aren’t really developed yet so their projectile throwing aren’t that accurate.

Stage two: (Sp. Jounin, Jounin, S-ranked)
The final stage, the clan member can now control their puppet without charka strings and during this stage the clan members is given a very special type of string that is connected to their puppets. This enables the enhancements of movement and speed of the puppet considerably that is by two times. At this stage their projectile throwing is very accurate and precise to the point where they will rarely miss their target. At Sp. Jounin, the user still requires using both hands but only uses 4 strings on each hand. Jounin’s are able to control a puppet with one hand and S-ranked only needs one string to control a puppet.

Clan History:
Originally a clan from the puppet brigade in Sunagakure but due to some conflicts they had with another puppet related family, they had no choice but to run away from Sunagakure. All family members were scattered across the globe, making team a small and rare clan to find, hence their name. Now the clan members rarely go into combat in fear that their names be known again to the kazekage. They are very closely related and give worship to the stars and a goddess as well.

Clan Techniques:


Name: Dansu no ribenji I (Dance of The Fallen I)
Rank: D
Element: N/A
Type: Taijutsu
The puppet quickly dashes forwards, makes a two feints before attacking one side of the opponent. Depending on the weapon that the puppet uses, the number of attacks done may vary such as a large scythe takes a longer time but deals more damage, while a smaller weapon slashes and stabs faster, creating more wounds but has less damage if done once.

Name: Wāruu~indodansā (Whirlwind Dancer)
Rank: D
Element: N/A
Type: Taijutsu
Depending on the weapon of the puppet, the range of this jutsu is different. The puppet will attempt a dive from above the air, as it drops down, it slashed with a lot of force, which will break the ground into pieces before sending these chucks of rocks or mud or branches towards the opponent. Then it quickly moves behind the opponent for an upward kick and a horizontal slash, which sends a cutting air current for five meters.

Name: Wakare no seppun (Kiss Goodbye)
Rank: D
Element: N/A
Type: Taijutsu
The puppet will dance around like ignoring everything in the world and mocking the opponent. Once the opponent strikes the puppet, it will suddenly separate it's arms and legs to bind you before getting slash twice by its weapon. This may be augmented by other weapons or techniques to increase the skill’s efficiency.


Name: Dansu no ribenji II (Dance of The Fallen II)
Rank: C
Element: Fuuton
Type: Ninjutsu
Requires hand seals. By bending nearby wind, the puppeteer and the puppet are able to hover while in mid air, they can only hover until a height of 10 meters though. It’s always passive but due to the circumstances, shinobi of the clan need to do a hand seal and jump three times before they can start hovering for 3 posts.

Name: Honoo, no dansu o shimashou! (Flame, Lets Dance!)
Rank: C
Element: Katon
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Does not require hand seals. It literally lights up the puppet with fire which increases it’s damage by 10% not to mention creating burn marks on anything it touches. Last for two posts and a cool down of two posts.

Name: Nise hito (False Persona)
Rank: C
Element: N/A
Type: Genjutsu
Requires hand seals. The opponent will see the puppet as their loved one trapped inside the puppet; it is hard to break away from this genjutsu but it is still possible. Still the lag time for a person to break it is enough for a strike from the puppet.


Name: Dansu no ribenji III (Dance of The Fallen III)
Rank: A
Element: Fuuton
Type: Nintaijutsu
The puppet will charge forward, opening its cape/body grabbing it’s opponent before being slashed constantly by concentrated wind chakra, before being gust up by a twirling whirlwind. The whirlwind is large enough to deal damage to an area of 10 feet but the closer the enemy to the epicenter the more damaging it is. The person trapped by the puppet will receive critical damage as wounds and cuts are made randomly and aimed at the person’s blood vessels to cause as much blood flow out of the body as possible. People within an area of the 1st 3 feet will get blown up as well, the next 4 feet will get thrown back while the last 3 just finds it hard to move towards it. Not to forget the 1st three feet received the highest damage, and then it’ll be 4 feet of moderate damage, the last 3 feet will receive minimum damage. Requires hand seals and a cool down of 5 posts.

Name: Vu~oido" infuresukuea"
Rank: A
Element: Fuuton
Type: Nintaijutsu
Requires hand seals. The puppeteer or puppet will throw various projectiles into mid air then the puppet will charge at the opponent, in an attempt to attack and distract the opponent to give time for the puppeteer to arrange the projectiles in a circular dome-like position, cutting all escape roots before throwing a poison bomb and the projectiles fly towards their target like it was pork-chop. The projectiles may change direction in mid air if necessary. The wind will help to position the projectiles but the usage of chakra strings will fasten the process.

S-ranked Techniques

Name: Seiza no ayatsuri ningyō (Horoscope Puppets)
Rank: S
Element: N/A
Type: Hiden / Kekkei Genkai
The clan member is able to call forth a puppet/puppets based on their horoscope. The tattoo that was engraved on them is actually a medium where their horoscope puppet or in this case Sakuya’s Gemini puppets which are created long before her birth and given to her by one of her parents during birth. Each horoscope puppet has their special and has definitive styles of usage. There can be only twelve of them as there are only twelve horoscopes. This technique is custom to each of the twelve users, therefore it shall be created whenever one of them reaches the required rank.”

Name: Feito no megami: Shin no hanketsu (Fate Goddess: True Judgement)
Rank: S
Element: N/A
Type: Hiden
A jutsu only available by the twelve bearer’s of horoscope puppets. In truth, these puppets have gained their own consciousness and thinking and every time you seal them back, they somehow are able to talk to someone, which is the Fate Goddess. As beings of the celestial stars, they need to report to her to see which is good and bad.

This jutsu starts by the caster, temporarily falling asleep, forcefully fell asleep or in a very deep meditation. This technique has a cool down of 15 posts and 2 posts of sleeping as a prerequisite. During this state, the caster will meet the Fate Goddess in person. She will judge you accordingly.

If you’re good:
She will heal you and harm those surrounding you and your puppets in a bath of luminous golden light that falls down from the sky in two waves which deals high damage in each wave before silencing the whole area of a 50 meters radius except for the user to use jutsu. The range of silence and power of the light falling depends on the amount of chakra the user puts in. The puppets gain five times their normal stats during this mode. Power up lasts five posts.

For a small amount, it would be healing of small wounds/cuts.
For a decent amount, it would be healing of deep wounds/cuts.
For a lot, it would be healing of broken limbs.
For all, it would be broken organs (Does not include the heart and the brain).

Silence Area:
For a little, 50 meters.
For a decent amount, 55 meters.
For a lot, 60 meters.
For all, 65 meters.

If you’re bad:
She posses you for a moment and you gain abilities beyond imagine, such as increase in five times of all stats, jutsu damage increases by one rank and is impervious to mental damage. When touched by the clan member or its horoscope puppet during this stage, the person will meet their worst nightmare. Physically it does nothing but you will have a terrible mental breakdown even if you escape the illusion. The mental shock damage is critical. Possession last 5 posts.

If you’re neutral/balanced:
She gives an enhancement to the horoscope puppets to a point whereby they do no require a user to control them and act according to instinct and only listen to their bearer. She also makes the user into her puppet, fighting on a scale a normal human being cannot achieve by any means necessary as the soul, mind and body is temporarily transformed into a puppet and their stats are increase by five times. Last 5 posts.

The user will experience great lost in stamina and is still able to fight but has a decrease of stats by 2 for 3 posts for any of the three.

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Naichi Clan
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